Who Are the Pioneering US Cloud Infrastructure Startups in 2023?

The advent of cloud computing has heralded a transformation in the way technology solutions are delivered and executed. With a rising trend in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies, companies are doubling down on their cloud-first strategies. Cloud infrastructure services are a critical component of this transition, offering a blend of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service) capabilities. The United States is home to a burgeoning startup ecosystem that is pioneering innovations in cloud infrastructure. Let’s dive into 15 intriguing startups in this industry and explore what unique offerings they bring to the cloud computing space.

Fermyon Technologies

Fermyon Technologies is a software development company that pioneers the next wave of cloud computing. Based in the US, Fermyon is intent on creating a lasting impact in the Cloud Infrastructure industry, offering cutting-edge cloud solutions for businesses across the globe.


Offering a Continuous Delivery platform, Spaceship is designed to get applications up and running on any cloud with absolute ease. It leverages the power of automation to streamline the deployment and management of cloud applications.


Flowerwork aims to simplify and enhance the collaboration within software teams. The company offers a unique platform to help software teams work together and ship their projects, thus providing a significant boost to efficiency and productivity.


Thoro.AI is reshaping the logistics and cleaning sectors with its autonomous mobile robotics technology. The company leverages cloud infrastructure to scale up its innovative and groundbreaking automation solutions.

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Making cloud-native and serverless development fun and productive, Nitric offers an effective platform for rapid application building, testing and deployment across multiple cloud servers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Applied AI Consulting

Applied AI Consulting is a tech services company with a focus on AI, machine learning, cloud services, DevOps, application modernisation and quality automation. The company is pioneering the application of AI in cloud infrastructure services.


Cloudpath is a robust cloud-based network connectivity provider offering a range of services including clouds, SaaS applications, data centers, remote offices, and network fabric services. The company leverages cloud technology to deliver secure and efficient network solutions.

Kronia Technologies

Kronia Technologies provides a range of tech services such as product engineering, digital security, enterprise agility, and data management. The company leverages cloud infrastructure to optimize these services and secure critical business operations.


Veezla offers a unique print and mail API for tracking, address verification, and custom object support, leveraging the power of cloud infrastructure to scale these services.


Corz develops custom cloud automation, visibility, monitoring, and cost optimization processes for organizations. Corz ensures that organizations’ cloud operations run smoothly and are secure at all times.


Optumi offers a cloud service dedicated to model training, monitoring and insights. This startup helps organizations optimize their data modeling techniques by leveraging advanced cloud technology.

Scaled Sense

Scaled Sense provides a robust cloud infrastructure management service that deploys and manages enterprise-scale cloud computing. Their service ensures optimum performance and round the clock availability of cloud resources.


appmodz provides various IT services such as IT infrastructure, cloud adoption, managed services, and application modernization services. The startup leverages cloud infrastructure to deliver efficient, reliable, and scalable IT solutions.

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Tenfold Security

With a Secure Cloud as a Service platform, Tenfold Security offers a suite of cybersecurity services that includes cross-cloud service assessment, secure infrastructure build, and secure cloud builder.


Powertools is an IT services company that helps deploy static sites and ship serverless apps to multiple clouds. The firm leverages cloud infrastructure technology to ensure rapid and smooth deployment of applications.

More than just being service providers, these startups are innovators, shaping the future of the Cloud Infrastructure industry. It is startups like these that will continue to fuel the evolution of cloud infrastructure, creating novel solutions that will keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cloud technology.

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