Who are the Top Influential Nigerian Internet Startups in 2023?

In recent years, Nigeria has seen a surge in startup activity, particularly in the tech sector. This growth can be attributed to a range of factors including a burgeoning youth population, increasing levels of internet and smartphone penetration, and a bustling entrepreneurial spirit. Here, we take a closer look at 15 promising Nigerian internet startups making strides in their respective industries.

From digitalizing informal retail stores, to transforming healthcare delivery, redesigning telecommunications advances and creating online communities, these startups are leading the charge in technological innovation. We’ve profiled each of these companies to provide their bios, industry specialization, and a brief description of their innovation.

Click on the company’s name to visit their website. Discover for yourself the incredible work these startups are doing in transforming industries and contributing to Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.


Alerzo is disrupting the e-commerce arena. As a B2B retail company, they use technology to change the way informal retail stores operate. This impressive startup operates in the internet industry, offering transformative digital solutions for retail in Nigeria.


PneumaCare is redesigning healthcare in Africa. Their care delivery model utilises data, is patient centric and relationship based, showing the capabilities of technology in transforming health care systems in Africa.

Brain Network

Brain Network is an intriguing tech company that fuses concepts from social media with lessons from building cryptocurrencies and their communities. It offers a diverse and unique approach to social and financial technologies.

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Octofi Limited

Octofi Limited is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) offering reliable and fast, quality internet delivered through Wi-Fi technology. Their efforts support Nigeria’s digitalisation endeavour with accessible internet provisions.

Webcilo Inc.

Webcilo Inc. is a technology company that immerses itself in creating and developing online communities and media publications, linking people together through digital platforms.

TenBaze Technologies

TenBaze Technologies serves as Nigeria’s Online Guide for all tech products (smartphones and laptops). They provide product and business reviews, adding insights to tech decisions.

Bmart Nigeria

Bmart Nigeria is a go-to e-commerce platform for buying branded footwear, apparel, and accessories for men and women, bolstering Nigeria’s online fashion retailing sector.


Sumotrust is a game-changer in finance. This savings and investment company targets low and middle class earners, promoting financial inclusion and economic growth.


Next2you is a user-friendly online platform that connects individuals seeking household and office services, providing ease and convenience in service procurement.


Shodrex facilitates the creation of e-commerce stores through their technology, enabling small businesses to enhance their online presence and reach.

Nsisong Enterprises LTD

Nsisong Enterprises LTD offers product engineering, property joint venture, and startup venture capital, proving to be a multifaceted company contributing to different aspects of the tech ecosystem.


Trednix is a globally accessible website that provides a wide array of information. It’s a great example of how technology increases access to information.


CeedCap is an investment company harnessing digital platforms to multiply growth. Their work underscores the digital shift in the finance sector.


Azytra is at the forefront of the hospitality industry. It creates a simple means for people to book rooms and apartments, while also enabling hotels to generate income even when fully booked.

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Linkraw is a unique platform where users can earn money for each visitor to their shortened links. This innovative approach to monetizing digital content is gaining traction in Nigeria.

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