Who Dominates Information Services Startups Scene in South Korea Today?

In this ever-evolving tech-driven world, startups are constantly shaping the way we live our lives, one service at a time. Particularly, Information Service startups have been making themselves more visible and relevant by making use of new developments in the tech landscape to bring innovative solutions to the market. South Korea, known as a breeding ground for startups, has several interesting concepts surfacing. Let’s dive into a few of these ambitious endeavors and see what they bring to the table.

The startup ecosystem in South Korea is an intriguing mix, ranging from energy management platforms to online marketing solutions. These startups aren’t just redefining existing services; they’re also bringing to light new concepts that help define the direction in which the digital world is headed.

Below, we’ll look into fifteen Information Services startups & companies from South Korea that showcase the diversity and innovation the country has to offer in this sector.

1. Creket

Creket is an internet service-based company providing innovative solutions to market. Housed in the bustling technology hub, this startup is firmly cemented in the Korean startup ecosystem.

2. Travel C2B

Travel C2B is more than just a search engine but a comprehensive travel information service platform. Whether you are planning an international trip or a local getaway, Travel C2B offers relevant solutions.

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Specialized in online marketing, homepage production, and online information management services, FIBER has marked its presence prominently in the industry.

4. HiT!T

Aiming to revolutionize the way we explore cafes and restaurants, HiT!T presents an application offering news and updates about the gastronomy world.


Blending facial recognition technology with artificial intelligence, FACETAG, takes the technological movement in a novel direction.

6. Caffeine Works

Dedicated to delivering branded content, unboxing videos, or educational videos, Caffeine Works ensures you’re never short of engaging content.


Choosing a unique niche, EXERGY stands out as an energy management platform company committed to making energy consumption effectual and smarter.


Forming the backbone of IoT convergence operation management system development, THE DOCENT is defining tomorrow’s information technology landscape.

9. RUDA Creative

From 2D to 3D graphic art, RUDA Creative provides design artworks by professionals, offering refreshing concepts for visual consumption.


A travel tech startup, CREWTON, harnesses the potential of mobile technologies to offer innovative travel solutions built for today’s voyagers.


EGGVERSE stands as an internet company pioneering a decentralized compensation system that adds value to the growth of the ecosystem in myriad ways.

12. If & Life

An information technology service provider company, If & Life, is making waves with its unique approach and integrated service delivery.


Specializing in IR reporting and monitoring, Poly Data Lab are the go-to specialists for all IR related needs and services.

14. Mplat

Offering customized educational information to parents and students, Mplat is reshaping the educational landscape one service at a time.

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15. Industrial X

Comprising of large accounting firms, M & As, consulting firms, and marketing experts, Industrial X has all the ingredients to solve a myriad of business needs.

South Korea startups cover an exceptional vision of broad-based business models. The diversity and innovation reflected in the featured startups demonstrate the adaptability of Korean entrepreneurs to new technological trends and their ability to transform these trends into business opportunities.

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