Who’s Shaping Japan’s Electronics Industry Through Innovative Startups in 2023?

Japan is globally known as a technological powerhouse, often at the forefront of advances in electronics and the birthplace of many world-renowned electronics companies. This article covers 15 interesting new startups and companies that are making waves in the Japanese electronics industry. Ranging from manufacturers of innovative products to providers of unique services, these companies represent the burgeoning diversity and creativity within Japan’s electronics sector.

These companies also demonstrate Japan’s overall commitment to supporting innovative startups and fostering technological advancements. In various fields including manufacturing, retail, drone technology, and energy management, these emerging companies are making significant contributions to Japan’s electronics industry and beyond.

In an era where technology and electronics are crucial elements of everyday life, let’s delve deeper into these startups and what they’re offering to the Japanese market and the world. Below you’ll find a listing of these promising companies along with a brief profile for each.


Ashirase is devoted to creating a navigation system dedicated to aiding the visually challenged. Located in Japan, they strive to make walking safer and more comfortable for all through technology. As an innovator within the electronics industry, they produce products designed to better the quality of life for their users.

Sanden Retail Systems

Sanden Retail Systems specializes in manufacturing commercial refrigerators and cooling systems. Their commitment to excellence and technological superiority is noticeable in the products they deliver, which hugely contributes to the thriving electronics sector in Japan.

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Drone Show Japan

Using drone technology, Drone Show Japan frequently delivers stunning performances at events. Equally proficient at aerial photography and organizing workshops, they skillfully use electronics to engage audiences in a wholly new way.


TopoLogic is an electronics startup, designing and manufacturing unique products like heat flow sensors, thermoelectric conversion devices, and unconventional spintronics materials.

Focal Point

Specializing in digital device accessories, Focal Point sources products globally for distribution within Japan. This company is instrumental in expanding technological horizons in the local market.

SaN Technologies

Creating advanced energy management and security solutions for businesses is SaN Technologies speciality. They develop and supply innovative products that serve the need for comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions.


Cannergy is a diverse manufacturing firm, distributing electronic devices and products related to beauty, health, and food.


Giv-Tech offers a variety of services, including manufacturing, selling, and providing technical support for LPWA communication equipment like base stations, repeaters and smart sensors.

Link T&B

As the provider of power electronics equipment, IoT design, and software development services, Link T&B is a driving force in the electronics technology field in Japan.

Scientia Concors

Scientia Concors specialises in the manufacturing and supply of nano electron source modules and imaging equipment. These products typify Japan’s leading position in the global electronics industry.


Engaging in digital imaging software and licensing business, Acutelogic also contributes to the development of digital camera systems and next-generation digital video cameras.

Micro Talk Systems

RFID development and manufacturing is the area of expertise for Micro Talk Systems. They strive towards benefiting both Japanese society and the world through the production and sales of their products.

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Japan Interconnector

An aberration in the electronics sector, Japan Interconnector is an electric power company providing transmission and distribution services.

Mitate Zepto Technica

Specialising in the development of semiconductors, electronics, and testing equipment, Mitate Zepto Technica is setting new benchmarks in manufacturing with their innovative peripherals.


A unique fusion of technology and machinery manufacturing, MagNature also manufactures electric and electronic equipment along with its accessories. Their offerings are a testament to the exciting diversity within the electronics industry in Japan.

These companies exemplify the unique spirit of innovation that defines Japan’s electronics industry. By continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology, they are not only influencing their local market but also making significant global impacts.

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