Can Affordable Luxury Homes Transform the Philippine Real Estate Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Lessandra is a Philippines-based property development company, offering a new perspective on affordable luxury homes.
  • The company targets the middle-income-class market segment, constructing houses and communities nationwide.
  • Lessandra differentiates itself with its three home series; the Starter Series, Angat Series, and Step Up Series, catering to different market demands.
  • The company is potentially revolutionizing the real estate industry in the Philippines by providing affordable yet luxurious homes.

The real estate industry in the Philippines is witnessing significant growth and transformation, driven by a young, urbanizing, and increasingly affluent population. A key player in this transformation is Lessandra – a pioneering property development startup that aims to redefine the concept of affordable luxury homes. Lessandra, a subsidiary of Vista Land and Landscapes, Inc., principally caters to the middle-income-class market segment, constructing high-quality houses and communities across the Philippines.

Lessandra’s philosophy of ‘Angat ka dito!’, roughly translating to ‘You are elevated here!’, represents its commitment to enhancing lifestyles and offering enhanced living experiences. The company’s operations span across various locations in the country, thereby promising inclusive growth and nationwide development.

In the world of property development, differentiation is crucial and Lessandra does not cease to impress in this regard. The company’s unique proposition lies in its three home series, namely the Starter Series, the Angat Series and the Step Up Series. Each series offers prospective homeowners with a variety of designs and amenities to choose from, thereby catering to differing market demands and preferences.

The most recent addition to the selection is the Step Up Series launched in November 2020, featuring Sienna House, a comfortable, elegant and cost-effective Internet-ready home with a Master’s bedroom and a provision for carpark, reflecting the changing needs and expectations of the middle-income class Filipino families.

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Lessandra’s efforts to provide affordable luxury homes are a significant stride towards transforming the Philippine real estate industry. With the rise in buying power among the middle-income class, the demand for elevated living experiences is fast growing, paving the way for companies such as Lessandra.

Moving forward, Lessandra’s innovative approach, deep market insight, and commitment to quality will likely continue driving its growth. The company is uniquely positioned to define the future of the real estate industry in the Philippines, making homeownership not merely a dream but a possible reality for its market segment. Connect and stay updated with Lessandra: visit their website, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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