Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: How Big Data Transforms Pharmaceutical Market Research?

Key Takeaways:

  • is an early-stage startup focusing on pharmaceutical and biomedical drug research and clinical trial data.
  • The company aids pharmaceutical companies and researchers in discovering new significant drug opportunities and indications.
  • Through their innovative approach, DataClue can shorten the time to market and increase evidence of efficacy for drugs in the market.
  • Founded in 2019, DataClue operates out of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, with a team led by co-founders Maytal Bivas-Benita, Osnat Ben Nesher Zaretsky, and Tanya Yankelevich.

Rapid advancements in technology have provided an unprecedented opportunity for revolutionizing the clinical trials landscape. A shining example comes from, an early-stage startup specializing in big data analytics for pharmaceutical and biomedical drug research and clinical trial data. Leveraging big data, they assist pharmaceutical companies and researchers in discovering new significant drug opportunities, thus accelerating time to market and boosting evidence for drug efficacy.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, DataClue was founded in 2019 by Maytal Bivas-Benita, Osnat Ben Nesher Zaretsky, and Tanya Yankelevich. With a commitment towards fast-tracking drug discovery and development, DataClue’s innovative model promotes collaboration internally and externally within the clinical research and drug development sector.

What differentiates DataClue is the innovative technology and analysis it offers. Their work centers around capitalizing on big data sets derived from clinical trials, which have traditionally been underutilized. By harnessing this data, they provide unique insights that can spur novel drug opportunities and indications. This service drastically reduces the time to market, a key factor for pharmaceutical companies during the drug development process.

Furthermore, DataClue’s platform works to increase the evidence of drug efficacy in the market, which leads to more substantial scientific proof and improved public trust. They strive to create a collaborative environment, fostering synergy between different entities within the clinical research and development sphere – a step towards a more holistic and integrated approach in the drug development process.

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Looking towards the future, is perfectly positioned to lead the data revolution in the pharmaceutical market research industry. With the increased acceptance of digital technology within the healthcare sector, the reliance on data-driven solutions will undoubtedly escalate. As the demand for quicker drug discovery and development continues to grow, leveraging pioneering platforms like will become crucial to streamline the process.

Connect with and follow their journey in revolutionizing the clinical trials landscape. Visit their website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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