Can Art Therapy Revolutionize Mental Health Care in Today’s Young Adults?

Key Takeaways:
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues are a growing concern in today’s young adults.
  • Collective Balance Counseling, based in Bourbonnais, Illinois, is a startup offering art therapy and trauma counseling largely to this demographic.
  • Art therapy can serve as a powerful, non-verbal communication tool, helping clients to recognize underlying problems & adjust certain behaviors and thoughts.
  • Looking forward, as mental health awareness grows, Collective Balance Counseling is working toward revolutionizing the delivery of mental health care.

As conversations around mental health and well-being continue to gain momentum, addressing the needs of today’s young adults has never been more urgent. Given the burden of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues in this demographic, the need for diverse therapeutic methods, including art therapy, has never been more clear. Collective Balance Counseling is a forward-thinking startup aiming to meet this need head-on.

Based out of Bourbonnais, Illinois, Collective Balance Counseling offers unique, innovative solutions to the prevalent problems in mental health care: targeting key issues like anxiety, depression, addiction, domestic violence, emotional conflicts, and more. Through individual therapy, family therapy, and most notably art therapy, this startup seeks to promote healing, foster self-awareness, manage behavior, cultivate social skills, and bolster self-esteem.

So, what sets Collective Balance Counseling apart? While traditional therapeutic methods are centered around verbal communication, the startup employs art therapy as a powerful, non-verbal communication medium. This can have a profound impact on patients who struggle with expression through words. Given that art can be a cathartic process, it encourages individuals to express their thoughts and feelings, allowing for healthier cognitive processing.

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Moreover, the team at Collective Balance Counseling also understands that every individual’s journey is unique. Consequently, they provide a personalized approach to therapy that acknowledges and respects their clients’ individuality. Using art therapy’s underrated potential, they can help clients recognise underlying problems and adjust their behaviors and thoughts to view things from a healthier perspective.

Collective Balance Counseling is poised to make waves in the ever-evolving mental health care industry. With a growing appreciation for alternative therapeutic methods and the constant pursuit of promoting well-being, the potential growth for such a startup is significant. Establishing art therapy as an integral part of mental health care for young adults can revolutionize how care is delivered and perceived, making it more versatile, accessible, and effective.

So why not follow their journey and be part of the change? You can learn more about Collective Balance Counseling on their official website. Stay updated with their initiatives on social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.


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