Revolutionizing Event Management: New Trends in DJ, Lighting and Sound Services?


As the city’s vibrant event scene continues to thrive, Act Up Talent, an Austin-based startup, is working to revolutionize event management with its innovative solutions in DJ, lighting, and sound services. Based in one of America’s most musically inclined cities, Act Up Talent aims to create a centralized platform that caters to DJs, lighting and sound professionals, and event management staff, ensuring a seamless, high-quality event experience.

The start-up provides a comprehensive solution for artists and event staff to grow their creativity and streamline their processes. Act Up Talent assists with booking, show management, and brand growth, providing numerous opportunities to perform in showcases, events, festival environments, and venues while ensuring quality service and talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Act Up Talent provides a centralized platform for DJs, Lighting, and Sound Professionals.
  • It offers ample booking opportunities and assistance, and opportunities to perform in events and festivals.
  • The startup is also involved in show management and brand growth of their artists.

Founded by Chris Black and Ethan Grey, Act Up Talent differentiates itself through its innovation and commitment to quality. The platform bridges the gap between artists and venues, offering professional management opportunities that few can match. They take care of everything, from contracts to scheduling, allowing the artists to focus on their craft.

The startup also ensures quality by screening every professional, thus guaranteeing reliable and exceptional service. Its holistic approach to event management ensures a unique experience for both the artists and the audience, contributing to the success of any event.

In terms of what lies ahead, Act Up Talent aims to continue pushing boundaries. The startup foresees a future where their platform becomes an integral part of the industry, transforming the way event management, DJ, lighting, and sound services operate. This vision is backed by the burgeoning popularity of live events and the growing demand for innovative solutions to manage them.

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For more information on Act Up Talent and to follow their journey, visit their website here and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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