Can Mobile Apps Revolutionise the Agricultural and Home Gardening Industry?

Key Takeaways:
  • Twig is a comparative gardening platform offering periodic garden maintenance and landscaping services.
  • The startup, based in Jordan, has created a mobile app linking service providers with service seekers in the gardening and landscaping sector.
  • Twig also operates an online shop selling agricultural products and garden supplies.
  • Through its app, Twig is revolutionising the agricultural and home gardening industry, making these services more accessible and convenient for users.

Based in Amman, Jordan, startup Twig is on a mission to transform the agricultural and home gardening industry. The company, founded by Ali Al Rawashdeh, Ayat Shahin and Mohammed Al Houmsi, leverages technology to make gardening and landscaping services more accessible. They achieve this by offering two main services through a mobile application: periodic garden maintenance and garden landscaping.

The mobile app forms a crucial part of Twig’s service delivery, acting as a social platform that connects service providers with service seekers, including both home gardeners and farm owners. This innovative approach to providing agricultural and gardening services is aimed at simplifying the process for consumers by allowing them to monitor their gardens and fulfill their needs conveniently.

What sets Twig apart in this industry is its use of technology to facilitate an otherwise time-consuming and complex process. Their comparative gardening platform simplifies the search for reliable service providers, ensuring a more efficient delivery of gardening and landscaping services. The ability for users to monitor their gardens seamlessly through the app further enhances the value proposition of Twig, making their services timely, responsive, and highly personalized.

In addition, Twig operates an online shop that sells agricultural products and garden supplies, thereby completing the gardening and landscaping ecosystem. This one-stop-shop approach not only benefits service seekers but also service providers who can source their materials and supplies directly from the platform, reducing their operational complexities and allowing them to deliver services more efficiently.

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As it stands, Twig has already made significant strides in revolutionizing the agricultural and home gardening sector in Jordan. Looking into the future, it’s clear to see its potential to expand and replicate this success in other markets. The demand for convenient and reliable gardening and landscaping services is universal, and Twig’s platform is designed to meet this need effectively.

This startup’s journey is one worth following keenly. See more about Twig on their website, or connect with them on their social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn.

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