Startup Showcase: Headway: Fun & Easy Growth

Unlock Your Potential with Headway's Revolutionary EdTech App


In this edition of, we are thrilled to showcase an exceptional EdTech startup that is making waves in the world of self-improvement – Headway: Fun & Easy Growth. Headway is an innovative company with Ukrainian roots, dedicated to providing users with an enjoyable and effective way to unlock their potential. Founded in 2019, the startup has grown into a global sensation, empowering millions of individuals worldwide. With their flagship product, the Headway app, users can embark on a journey of self-growth like never before. Join us as we dive into the world of Headway and explore how they are changing the landscape of personal development.

A Mission-Driven EdTech Startup

At its core, Headway is driven by a passion for self-improvement and personal development. The startup was born out of a vision to make growth accessible and enjoyable for people from all walks of life. Headway believes that learning and growing should be fun and easy, not a daunting task. With this mission in mind, they set out to create an app that would revolutionize the way people approach self-growth.

The Headway App: Your Pathway to Growth

At the heart of Headway’s success lies their groundbreaking flagship product, the Headway app. This app provides users with a treasure trove of key ideas and insights from the world’s bestsellers, all presented in an engaging and user-friendly format. Whether you prefer watching, listening, or reading, the Headway app has got you covered. The flexibility of choosing any format makes learning on the go a breeze.

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Interactive Learning for Time-Efficient Knowledge

One of the standout features of the Headway app is its interactive learning experience. Users can watch explainers to gain valuable knowledge in a shorter time, making the most of their busy schedules. Additionally, daily insights and widgets provide daily doses of motivation, keeping users inspired to achieve their goals.

Summaries from the Best Nonfiction Books

Headway understands that time is precious, so they’ve condensed the most influential nonfiction books into 15-minute summaries. These bite-sized takeaways are available in both text and audio formats, professionally narrated by voice actors. Now, users can absorb the essence of a book’s wisdom without investing hours in reading.

A Global Impact and Recognition

With over 15 million installations, the Headway app has touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. It has consistently secured a spot in the Top Free Education category on both AppStore and Google Play in core markets such as the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. The app’s outstanding customer ratings of 4.7 stars out of 5 are a testament to its effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Headway’s impact is not limited to its user base; the startup has garnered international recognition and accolades. Being featured as the App of the Day in several countries by Apple and Google demonstrates its widespread acclaim. Additionally, Headway was named a finalist in The Europas Hottest EdTech Startups Awards 2022 and earned a spot in the prestigious Global Silicon Valley (GSV) EdTech 150 list of transformative digital learning and workforce skills companies in 2023.

Innovative Design with Novum Design Award

The Headway app’s intuitive design and visually appealing illustrations have also been recognized by winning the Novum Design Award 2022. This achievement showcases the startup’s commitment to offering a holistic and enjoyable user experience.

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Headway: Fun & Easy Growth is setting new standards in the world of EdTech by providing millions of users with a fun and effective way to pursue self-improvement. With their app, individuals can conveniently access valuable insights from the bestsellers, making growth an enjoyable and sustainable habit. Headway’s recognition in various prestigious awards and its widespread popularity among users are a testament to its transformative impact.


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