Who Are Rajasthan’s Game-Changing Software Startups Transforming India’s Tech Landscape?

Rajasthan, known as the land of palaces and deserts, has emerged as a thriving hub for software startups in India. With a robust IT ecosystem backed by a supportive government, the state is making strides in bridging the gap between traditional businesses and technology. Let’s take a closer look at 15 innovative software startups from Rajasthan that are making a distinct mark in their industries.

These startups span various sectors ranging from education to CRM, supply chain management, and web development, reflecting the diversity and vast potential of the software industry in the state. Combining entrepreneurial spirit with technological prowess, these startup companies are not only creating value locally but also making an impact on a global scale.

Let’s delve further to understand what makes these startups stand out among the crowd and how they are aiding the digital transformation landscape of Rajasthan, India.


Edverse is on a mission to revolutionize the education sector by creating virtual immersive shared spaces. Allowing corporates and institutions to escalate their engagement in learning, Edverse provides a unique viewpoint to learning in the digital era.

NeoDove Telecalling CRM

NeoDove provides a telecalling CRM and Sales Engagement Platform aimed at SMBs. The service aims to bridge the gap between telesales teams and productivity, offering efficient solutions for businesses.


Pioneering in data visualization, Tersho connects spreadsheets with data sources, creating insightful and comprehensive visualizations.

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Shopivana assists businesses, startups, and MSMEs to start, manage, and grow their online presence efficiently and effectively.

Ultrabot Innovations

Offering IT services, Ultrabot Innovations delves into software development, consulting, and staffing segments.


Fudr takes an innovative approach by providing an automated remarketing and feedback system designed to streamline restaurant operations.


With a key focus on healthcare, EmpiricalTech provides automated clinical documentation and autonomous coding services.


Setting the stage for the future of architecture and planning, UdrArchitect embodies the intersection of technology and architecture.

UdrLight Energy

UdrLight Energy offers renewable energy solutions, reinforcing the importance of sustainable energy alternatives in today’s landscape.


Scrapingdog brings simple and efficient web scraping solutions to the industry with a range of tools, APIs, and extensions.


Positioning itself as a CRM and Marketing Automation Software, Cronberry aids businesses in targeting leads through a plethora of digital channels.

Lambda Supply Chain Solutions

In the domain of supply chain management, Lambda Supply Chain Solutions makes a significant mark with its comprehensive management software.


As a multifaceted software firm, GKMT IT offers a broad array of services ranging from web and app development to digital marketing, graphics designing, and video & animation editing.

Kitzone Technology Private Limited

Kitzone Technology Private Limited provides software solutions, establishing itself as a key player in the technology sector.


Based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Cropnew is an Indian multinational technology company offering a range of software solutions to help businesses grow digitally.

In conclusion, these 15 startups from Rajasthan are just a snapshot of the vibrant software startup community of the region. Given the accelerated digital transformation and the rising spirit of entrepreneurship, the future certainly holds exciting prospects for the software industry in Rajasthan.

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