Who Are Rajasthan’s Most Influential Internet Startups Shaping 2023?

Today let us explore the vibrant startup ecosystem in Rajasthan, India, which is home to a host of intriguing and groundbreaking internet startups. These innovative startups operate in various domains, including e-commerce, blogging, app development, social networking, and digital marketing. They have been making inroads in their respective sectors with unique approaches, disruptive solutions, and an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. Here we present a snapshot of some of the noteworthy internet startups from Rajasthan.


Unboxify operates in the e-commerce industry and offers open-box mint-condition electronics at factory-like prices, with a minimum of 30% off on Amazon’s prices. Their business model enables patrons to make significant savings on their electronic purchases while pledging a quality standard that is almost on par with brand new products. Unboxify is making a significant contribution to the flourishing e-commerce space in Rajasthan.


One of the prominent blogging platforms from Rajasthan is Wrytin. It allows content creators and readers to come together, share insights, and engage in discussions. As an internet startup championing the cause of free expression, Wrytin is equipped to cater to the demands of the vast digital content landscape.

A2D Innovations

A2D Innovations is an IT solutions provider that specializes in SaaS, app development, and UI/UX design. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure user-friendly experiences and robust applications, A2D Innovations is helping businesses transition smoothly into the digital era.

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Meena Music Company

The Meena Music Company is an example of a startup harnessing the power of the internet to deliver premier music offerings to its users. With music finding increased digital consumption, Meena Music Company is well-positioned for growth in an industry witnessing rapid disruption.

BluTurr-India’s Own Social Media Platform

BluTurr is an indigenous social networking startup that allows users to connect with friends and family over the internet. In a market dominated by foreign players, BluTurr’s entry represents a home-grown alternative in the social media space.


ListinGer is a business listing and directory company that is modernizing the traditional business listing process. ListinGer is helping local businesses increase their visibility and reach potential customers more efficiently.


An XR company, Auggin, offers a virtual try-on service for e-commerce websites, adding a new dimension to online shopping experiences. Auggin demonstrates how technology can be leveraged to bridge the gap between online shopping and the real world.

Serva App Labs LLP

The web development sector has a robust representative in Serva App Labs. The team at Serva App Labs have solid experience in web design and development and understand how to craft web solutions for businesses of all sizes.

13 Pies

13 Pies is a digital marketing agency that offers a suite of services including SEO, PPC, web design, PR, reputation building, and social media management. As businesses recognize the utility of digital marketing, 13 Pies is filling a critical gap in the market.


AcumenCog, with its wide range of services in web and mobile development, UI & UX design, startup solutions and more, is bringing in a comprehensive approach in the software development field.

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Oxy Cabs

Offering cab services through an online platform, Oxy Cabs is an example of how digitization is changing traditional service industries.


Rankfirms operates in the field of market research and internet marketing. The in-depth research and targeted marketing strategies offered by Rankfirms are assets for businesses seeking to make their mark online.


A digital marketing & software company, Webleka, provides services that help brands and businesses in establishing a digital presence and promoting their offerings.


Incbazaar is streamlining the company incorporation process through their website, thereby simplifying the procedures for entrepreneurs and new business owners.


RMLeaks, a modern-day newspaper magazine, covers content revolving around Realme products, ranging from smartphones, TV’s, to accessories.

These startups are leading the digital revolution in Rajasthan with their passion to tackle problems, innovate, and capitalise on market opportunities. Their activities are contributing to the economic development in the region and serve as an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs. It will be exciting to witness the future growth and transformation they will bring to their respective sectors and to the startup ecosystem in Rajasthan.

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