Discover 15 Innovative Internet Companies Fueling British Columbia’s Tech Scene

Exploring the cutting-edge startups driving digital transformation in British Columbia, Canada


British Columbia, Canada, is emerging as a thriving hub for innovative Internet companies that are revolutionizing industries and pushing technological boundaries. These startups are spearheading the digital revolution in the region, offering a wide range of solutions from data analytics to customer engagement platforms. In this article, we will showcase 15 fascinating Internet companies based in British Columbia, highlighting their unique contributions to the local tech ecosystem.


Fastloop provides consulting services for data and advanced analytics, helping businesses unlock the power of their data and make data-driven decisions.

Refer HR:

Refer HR is an online referral networking platform that connects job seekers with relevant employment opportunities, streamlining the job search process.

Live Learning Technologies develops tools and technologies for teachers and educators, empowering them to deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences globally.


urLive is a SaaS customer engagement platform that enables businesses to route online customer audio/video calls to the appropriate sales and support teams.


DealBuilder simplifies business sales with a self-directed platform, assisting entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of buying and selling businesses.

Rippel INC:

Rippel is a civic tech platform dedicated to enhancing transparency and accountability in modern-day politics.


Viceroy is an internet firm that offers a wide range of products from various brands, providing customers with a comprehensive shopping experience.

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SwiftBel is a marketplace for local home services, connecting consumers with trusted service providers in their area.

Digit Carts:

Digit Carts is an online portal that offers sales services for electronics, fashion items, sports equipment, collectibles, and art.

Deets Technologies:

Deets provides a digital solution for all levels of the marketing funnel, enabling businesses to capitalize on the customer flywheel.


UnifyStack is a SaaS company that offers innovative solutions for businesses.

323 Media Group Inc.:

323 Media Group Inc. specializes in building brands for the future.

Business Innovation Design:

Business Innovation Design offers innovation software to accelerate time-to-market fit.

Sound Wave Shop:

Sound Wave Shop provides a technological and smart way to preserve and cherish the precious sounds of life.


fathom aims to make all of humanity’s wisdom available online, anytime, and for free, facilitating knowledge acquisition and retention.


British Columbia’s tech landscape is witnessing a surge of innovative Internet companies that are reshaping industries and driving digital transformation. From data analytics to customer engagement platforms, these startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver impactful solutions. As the region continues to foster an environment conducive to innovation, we can expect more groundbreaking companies to emerge, solidifying British Columbia’s position as a tech powerhouse.

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