Unveiling the Innovative E-Commerce Landscape of British Columbia, Canada”

Exploring the diversity and creativity of E-Commerce companies driving online shopping in British Columbia


British Columbia, Canada, is witnessing a thriving E-Commerce industry, with numerous startups reshaping the online shopping experience. These companies are utilizing technology, sustainability, and customer-centric approaches to deliver exceptional products and services. In this article, we will showcase 15 fascinating E-Commerce companies based in British Columbia, highlighting their unique contributions to the industry.


Wecommerce specializes in starting, acquiring, and investing in top Shopify businesses. They empower e-commerce entrepreneurs to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.


UniUni is at the forefront of crowdsourcing eCommerce last-mile delivery solutions. Their platform connects retailers with a network of delivery personnel, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery services.

Vejii Holdings:

Vejii Holdings operates ShopVejii.com, a digital marketplace dedicated to plant-based and sustainable living products and brands. They contribute to conscious consumption and a greener future.


DishPal revolutionizes food delivery by bringing local restaurant cuisine to busy eaters. Through their network of local food couriers, customers can enjoy delicious meals conveniently.

Canuck Eats:

Canuck Eats is a food delivery service company that connects customers with a variety of local restaurants. Their platform offers a wide range of culinary delights for effortless at-home dining.

Exposed Marketing:

Exposed Marketing is a boutique agency specializing in digital marketing and branding for early-stage companies and e-commerce brands. They help businesses establish a strong online presence.


Shopyfest.ca is renowned as one of Canada’s top online retailers, offering a vast selection of products across various categories. Their platform provides convenience and affordability.

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GetAcquired is a marketplace and brokerage platform facilitating the buying and selling of e-commerce businesses. They simplify the process of acquiring or selling online businesses.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc:

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc focuses on SaaS, social networking, skill-based gaming, and mobile tech platforms. They integrate innovative technologies into the e-commerce landscape.


Ovry is an online seller of pregnancy and ovulation test strips. Their platform offers a convenient and discreet shopping experience for customers.


Rux offers a wide range of sporting goods, including waterproof bags, utility straps, hats, and more. They cater to outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality products.


Shopgram provides a platform to explore various Shopify stores, enabling customers to discover unique products and brands.


MagSway is a platform for influencers, connecting them with e-commerce brands and fostering collaborations to drive online sales.


Joni is a 21st-century omnichannel period care brand that aims to make sustainable and inclusive period care accessible to everyone who menstruates.

Forte Series:

Forte Series is a brand specializing in men’s hair care products. They offer high-quality grooming solutions for the modern man.


British Columbia, Canada, is home to a vibrant and innovative E-Commerce ecosystem. The showcased companies are revolutionizing online shopping through their unique offerings, ranging from sustainable marketplaces to convenient delivery services and digital marketing expertise. These startups exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and technological advancements driving the future of E-Commerce in the province.

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