E-Commerce Companies in Washington, United States: 15 Innovative Startups to Watch Out For

The world of e-commerce is evolving at a rapid pace, and startups are at the forefront of this revolution. From video shopping platforms to online marketplaces and customized greeting card makers, e-commerce startups are disrupting the traditional ways of doing business. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 interesting e-commerce companies in Washington, United States that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in online retail.

Trendio: Innovative Video Shopping Platform

Trendio is an innovative video shopping entertainment platform that offers elevated and engaging digital shopping experiences in the beauty industry. With its video-first approach, Trendio creates a unique and immersive shopping experience that combines entertainment, education, and commerce. The platform also features a community of beauty enthusiasts and experts who share their insights, reviews, and tips with other members.

Doorsey: Simplifying the Home Buying Offer Process

Doorsey is an online platform that simplifies the home buying offer process by providing a transparent and streamlined solution for buyers and sellers. With Doorsey, buyers can create and submit offers directly to sellers, while sellers can easily review and compare offers from different buyers. The platform also offers tools and resources for both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and streamline the transaction process.

GlossWire: Data-Driven Global Marketplace

GlossWire is a global two-sided discovery and shopping marketplace that connects brands and consumers through data-driven technology and real-time insights. The platform leverages advanced data analytics and AI to deliver personalized recommendations and curated collections to shoppers. It also offers a suite of tools and resources for brands to optimize their product listings and reach new customers.

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SlankIT: Online Electronics Shopping Assistant

SlankIT is an online electronics shopping assistant that helps shoppers find the best products and compare prices across different retailers. The platform uses AI-powered algorithms to analyze product features, user reviews, and pricing data to recommend the best products for each user’s needs and preferences. SlankIT also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for shoppers to find what they need and make informed purchase decisions.

Wellness.Global: E-Commerce and Delivery

Wellness.Global is an e-commerce and delivery platform that offers a range of wellness and self-care products, including supplements, skincare, and wellness accessories. The platform also features a curated selection of educational content, expert advice, and personalized recommendations to help customers achieve their wellness goals.

66Circle: Online Home Decor & Lifestyle

66Circle is an online home decor and lifestyle platform that provides a selection of products in a variety of styles, colors, and layouts. The platform features a user-friendly interface that allows customers to browse products by category, style, and price range. It also offers a blog section with tips and inspiration for home decor and lifestyle enthusiasts.

RecoCards: Customized Greeting Cards

RecoCards is an online platform that helps customers create customized greeting cards for family, friends, and co-workers. The platform offers a wide range of templates and designs to choose from, as well as customizable text, images, and colors. Customers can also upload their own photos and designs to create truly personalized greeting cards.

Borrowed: Community Borrowing Platform

Borrowed is a platform that makes it easy to borrow and lend everyday items in your community. The platform connects borrowers and lenders in a safe and secure way, and provides tools and resources to facilitate the transaction process. Borrowers can search for items they need, while lenders can list items they’re willing to lend and set their own terms and conditions.

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Booch: Create Your Own Kombucha Brew

Booch is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to create their own kombucha brew in minutes from a variety of flavors and ingredients. The platform offers a range of brewing kits, kombucha cultures, and flavorings, as well as resources and guides to help customers get started with their own kombucha brewing. Booch also offers subscription services that deliver fresh kombucha brews and ingredients straight to customers’ doors.

Arvin Goods: Sustainable Apparel and Accessories

Arvin Goods is an online seller of sustainable apparel, headwear, and accessories. The platform is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and ethical production practices to create high-quality and stylish products. Arvin Goods offers a range of basics and essentials for men and women, including socks, underwear, and tees.

Cuiline: Online Cooking Classes and Team-Building Experiences

Cuiline is an online platform that provides team-building experiences and virtual cooking classes. The platform features a team of expert chefs who lead interactive and engaging cooking classes, as well as customized team-building activities for corporate events and private parties. Cuiline also offers a range of culinary products and resources, including recipe books and cooking tools.

EZScreenPrint: Online Silk Screen Printing Store

EZScreenPrint is an online store that offers a wide range of stencils, light kits, and inks for silk screen printing. The platform features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to browse and purchase products. EZScreenPrint also offers tutorials and guides to help customers get started with silk screen printing.

Mad Ritual: CBD Bath Bombs and Recovery Balms

Mad Ritual is a digital store that provides CBD bath bombs, recovery balms, gift cards, and apparel. The platform is committed to using natural and organic ingredients to create high-quality and effective products for self-care and wellness. Mad Ritual offers a range of products for athletes, yogis, and anyone looking to enhance their recovery and relaxation routines.

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Silverdale Technology: E-Commerce Solutions Provider

Silverdale Technology offers a range of e-commerce solutions, including project management, business development, product design, CRM, and data integration. The platform leverages advanced technology and data analytics to help businesses optimize their e-commerce strategies and achieve their growth goals.

Predict Point: AI-Powered Sales Optimization

Predict Point is a SaaS platform that uses AI and machine learning to optimize sales and supply chain operations for e-commerce businesses. The platform features a suite of tools and resources that help businesses forecast demand, manage inventory, and streamline operations. Predict Point also offers analytics and insights to help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their sales strategies.


these 15 e-commerce startups in Washington, United States are making waves in the industry with their innovative and disruptive approaches to online retail. Whether it’s video shopping, customized greeting cards, kombucha brewing, or AI-powered sales optimization, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and redefining the future of e-commerce. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to grow and disrupt the industry.

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