Protecting the Digital Frontier: Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in Washington

As businesses and individuals increasingly rely on technology for communication, commerce, and data storage, cybersecurity has become an essential aspect of modern life. With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s crucial for organizations to take proactive measures to safeguard their digital assets. Fortunately, Washington state is home to a thriving cybersecurity industry, with companies offering innovative solutions to protect against threats. Here are 15 cybersecurity startups based in Washington that are making waves in the industry:

Prelude: Autonomous Red Team Testing

Prelude is an autonomous red team tool that simulates real-world attacks to test an organization’s security. The desktop application allows security teams to identify vulnerabilities and improve their defenses proactively.

Strike Graph: Simplifying Compliance Certifications

Strike Graph’s SAAS solution streamlines the certification process for cybersecurity compliance standards. Its automated platform simplifies the process of achieving certifications like SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI. Cutting-Edge AI/ML Tools for Healthcare is a healthcare-focused cybersecurity company that leverages AI and ML to develop cloud-based tools for frontline healthcare workers. Its cutting-edge solutions have the potential to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

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LunaSec: Open Source Data Security

LunaSec is an open-source data security platform that helps organizations protect their most sensitive data. Its software integrates with existing tools to add an extra layer of security and provide peace of mind.

Batten: Personalized Security Recommendations

Batten’s platform provides personalized security recommendations to help individuals stay safe at home, online, and in emergencies. Its innovative approach to cybersecurity education makes it easy for anyone to improve their online safety.

Ambit: Post-Quantum Network Security

Ambit is a post-quantum network security company that focuses on post-quantum cryptography and encryption. Its solutions are designed to protect against future threats that could arise from advances in quantum computing.

ControlMap: Simplifying IT Compliance

ControlMap simplifies IT compliance by providing an all-in-one platform for Infosec and Compliance teams. Its software automates the process of managing policies, procedures, and regulations, making it easier for organizations to stay compliant.

3NUM: Web3 Shield Messaging

3NUM’s Web3 Shield Messaging NFT provides secure, private messaging and identity protection. Its innovative approach to cybersecurity leverages blockchain technology to ensure maximum security.

rThreat Inc.: Breach and Attack Emulation

rThreat Inc. is the future of breach and attack emulation, providing organizations with the tools they need to proactively test their security defenses. Its software allows organizations to identify weaknesses and improve their defenses before a real attack occurs.

Step Security: Supply Chain Protection

Step Security is a cybersecurity startup that specializes in thwarting software supply chain attacks. Its software identifies vulnerabilities in the software supply chain and provides recommendations for mitigating risk.

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Drip7: Microlearning Cybersecurity Training

Drip7’s platform provides microlearning cybersecurity training to organizations. Its innovative approach to training allows employees to learn on the job, improving their cybersecurity awareness and reducing the risk of attacks.

Intuitus: SOC as a Service and Cybersecurity Consulting

Intuitus offers SOC as a service, industrial security, and cybersecurity consulting services to organizations. Its comprehensive approach to cybersecurity provides organizations with the tools and support they need to protect against threats.

Datagiene: Data Management and Compliance

Datagiene helps companies manage their data to comply with legal requirements, assess data value, and streamline data request workflows. Its innovative software simplifies the process of managing data, making it easier for organizations to stay compliant.

MalwareCare: Web Application Testing and Optimization

MalwareCare is a cybersecurity company that focuses on web application testing, speed optimization, and networking services. Its innovative solutions help organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in their web applications, ensuring they remain secure and optimized.

Merysol Security: IT Disaster Recovery and Cybersecurity

Merysol Security provides IT disaster recovery and cybersecurity services to organizations. Its comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and disaster recovery ensures that organizations are protected against both internal and external threats.


As the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow, it’s essential for organizations to stay ahead of the curve by implementing innovative solutions to protect their digital assets. These 15 cybersecurity startups based in Washington are at the forefront of the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to help organizations safeguard against threats. Whether it’s through automated testing, compliance certification, or personalized recommendations, these companies are making it easier than ever for organizations to protect themselves against cyber attacks. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it’s reassuring to know that Washington is home to so many innovative cybersecurity companies.

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