Energy Efficiency Startups in Norway: Revolutionizing the Future of Energy

As the world continues to grapple with climate change, energy efficiency has become a pressing issue. Norway, a country renowned for its focus on sustainability and renewable energy, is leading the way in this regard. Several startups in the country are developing groundbreaking technologies that promise to revolutionize the energy sector. In this article, we showcase some of the most interesting energy efficiency startups in Norway.

EnergyNest: Storing Thermal Energy on a Large Scale

EnergyNest has developed an innovative technology for storing thermal energy on a large scale. The company’s system uses thermal energy storage (TES) to store excess energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar power. The stored energy can be used when demand for energy is high, reducing the need for fossil fuel-based power plants. EnergyNest’s technology is cost-effective, scalable, and has a long lifespan. The company has already installed its systems in several locations worldwide, including Germany, the United States, and Norway.

Envo: Energy Monitoring and Automation of Buildings

Envo specializes in developing and delivering products and solutions for energy monitoring and automation of buildings. The company’s products help building owners and operators optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. Envo’s systems use sensors, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to monitor and analyze energy consumption patterns in buildings. The company’s clients include several large commercial and industrial buildings in Norway and other countries.

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CapeOmega: Capturing the Value Potential in Mature Producing Fields

CapeOmega is an oil and gas company that aims to capture the value potential in mature producing fields by investing in remaining resources. The company’s focus is on improving the efficiency of existing oil and gas fields rather than exploring for new reserves. CapeOmega’s approach reduces the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry and helps to extend the lifespan of existing fields. The company’s projects are located in the North Sea and other regions worldwide.

Scandinavian Electric Holding: Diesel-Electric Marine Propulsion Systems

Scandinavian Electric Holding is a Norwegian supplier of diesel-electric marine propulsion systems. The company’s systems are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in the maritime industry. Scandinavian Electric Holding’s products are used in ferries, offshore vessels, and other marine applications. The company’s clients include several leading shipping companies in Norway and other countries.

North Sea Handling: Energy-Efficient Solutions for the Maritime Industry

North Sea Handling offers equipment, engineering, marketing, and energy-efficient solutions for the maritime industry. The company’s products help to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and operating costs in the shipping industry. North Sea Handling’s solutions include cargo handling equipment, energy-efficient lighting, and other technologies. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the maritime industry.

Småkraft: Building and Operating Small-Scale Power Plants

Småkraft is a power company that builds and operates small-scale power plants in cooperation with local landowners. The company’s projects use hydropower, wind power, and other renewable sources to generate electricity. Småkraft’s focus on small-scale projects allows it to be flexible and responsive to local energy needs. The company has built several projects in Norway and has plans for expansion in other regions.

Folkekraft: The Electricity Supplier of the Future

Folkekraft is an electricity supplier that operates on a unique business model. The company’s customers are also shareholders, giving them a say in the company’s operations and governance. Folkekraft’s products are 100% renewable and offer competitive prices compared to traditional energy suppliers. The company’s innovative approach has garnered attention from consumers and investors alike.

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Tibber: Digital Electricity Supplier with Smart Solutions

Tibber is a digital electricity supplier that offers smart solutions to minimize their customers’ consumption and costs. Tibber’s app connects to smart devices in homes and uses machine learning algorithms to predict energy consumption patterns. The app then automatically adjusts energy consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact. Tibber’s approach has been successful, and the company has expanded to several European countries.

Cebyc: Energy Monitoring and Optimization Products and Systems

Cebyc specializes in developing energy and operations-related products and systems that monitor, control, and optimize energy consumption. The company’s solutions are designed for commercial and industrial buildings and include sensors, software, and other technologies. Cebyc’s products can reduce energy consumption and costs while improving the sustainability of buildings. The company has a strong focus on research and development and has received several grants and awards for its innovative technologies.

Vissim’s Technologies: Enhancing Offshore Efficiency and Maritime Operations

Vissim’s Technologies offers vessel traffic management and surveillance systems to enhance offshore efficiency and maritime operations. The company’s products use radar, cameras, and other technologies to monitor vessel traffic and optimize routing and safety. Vissim’s systems can reduce the risk of collisions, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. The company’s clients include several offshore oil and gas platforms and shipping companies.

Ergon Nordic: Nordic Energy Group within District Heating and Bioenergy

Ergon Nordic is a Nordic energy group within district heating and bioenergy. The company’s focus is on developing sustainable and efficient energy solutions for Nordic communities. Ergon Nordic’s projects include district heating systems, bioenergy plants, and energy efficiency measures. The company has received several awards for its innovative and sustainable projects.

Aker Carbon Capture: Reducing CO2 Emissions from Industrial Flue Gases

Aker Carbon Capture develops carbon-capture technology products to reduce CO2 emissions from industrial flue gases. The company’s products capture CO2 emissions from industrial processes and store them underground or use them in other industrial applications. Aker Carbon Capture’s technology has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly and help to mitigate climate change.

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Energiportalen: Online Energy Portal for Objective Energy Analysis of Homes

Energiportalen is an online energy portal that gives access to free objective energy analysis of homes with consulting and support. The portal provides homeowners with information about their energy consumption and offers recommendations for reducing energy consumption and costs. Energiportalen’s services are free for homeowners and have been successful in reducing energy consumption in Norwegian homes.

Enok Total: Energy Consulting and Project Services within Energy Efficiency and Management

Enok Total provides energy consulting and project services within energy efficiency and energy management. The company’s services include energy audits, energy monitoring, and project management for energy efficiency measures. Enok Total’s solutions can help companies and organizations reduce energy consumption and costs while improving sustainability.

Heaten: High-Temperature Heat Pumps for Industrial Heating Processes

Heaten has developed a Very High Temperature Heat Pumps (VHTHP) for high efficient and deep decarbonization of industrial heating processes. The company’s technology is designed to replace fossil fuel-based heating with renewable energy sources. Heaten’s VHTHPs can be used in several industrial applications, including steel production, chemical manufacturing, and district heating.


Norway’s energy efficiency startups are at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. The companies listed above are developing groundbreaking technologies that promise to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions significantly. These startups are not only leading the way in energy efficiency but also contributing to the fight against climate change. As the world continues to transition to a sustainable future, Norway’s energy efficiency startups will play a vital role in shaping the future of energy.

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