Exploring the Dynamic E-Commerce Landscape in Lagos, Nigeria: Innovative Companies Making Waves

Unveiling the Vibrant E-Commerce Scene of Lagos and its Forward-Thinking Startups

In the heart of Nigeria’s bustling metropolis, Lagos, a dynamic and rapidly evolving E-commerce ecosystem is taking shape. With a blend of innovation, entrepreneurship, and a keen understanding of the local market, startups are reshaping the way Nigerians shop, connect, and engage online. From cutting-edge social gifting platforms to transformative wholesale marketplaces, let’s delve into the exciting world of remarkable E-commerce companies based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Showlove: Gifting Reimagined

Showlove is transforming the act of giving and receiving gifts into a delightful social experience. This platform empowers users to request, give, and receive meaningful gifts effortlessly, adding a layer of excitement to every occasion.

Très Melanin: Elevating Beauty Wholesale

Très Melanin is revolutionizing the beauty industry by curating wholesale beauty products from manufacturers. It aids hair vendors and salons in establishing their physical presence, bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms.

QShop Tech, Inc.: Enabling SMEs with E-commerce

QShop Tech, Inc. provides e-commerce solutions tailored for SMEs across Africa. This E-commerce SaaS empowers small businesses to thrive in the online landscape, driving growth and innovation.

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Watermacks: Design with Distinction

Watermacks offers a versatile array of design services, creating design templates for both personal and business use. Its innovative approach to design enhances branding and aesthetics across the digital realm.

Shoptinga: Empowering African Shoppers

Shoptinga brings easy shopping to Africans using both traditional currency and cryptocurrencies. This emerging platform is setting new standards for accessible and seamless online shopping experiences.

Vybe: Love, Connect, Vybe

Vybe is more than a dating platform; it’s a digital space connecting Africans online and offline. With a focus on genuine connections, Vybe brings people together through shared interests and experiences.

PayedIn: Bridging Offline and Online

PayedIn facilitates the transition from offline to online for both merchants and customers. By harnessing the power of technology, PayedIn drives the transformation of traditional marketplaces into digital arenas.

Sellie: Empowering Online Businesses

Sellie offers an all-inclusive e-commerce platform designed to assist businesses in creating and managing their online stores. Its tools empower entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital economy.

Markets.NG: Reimagining the Market Experience

Markets.NG transports the vibrant essence of a physical market into the digital space. This platform recreates the excitement and variety of traditional markets for a seamless online shopping experience.

Rent A Dress: Fashion on Lease

Rent A Dress introduces a novel concept in the world of fashion – clothing rental for women. It offers a sustainable and stylish alternative to owning garments for special occasions.

Main Market Online: A Multifaceted Marketplace

Main Market Online is a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace that serves as a one-stop destination for a wide range of products and services, catering to diverse consumer needs.

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Fastest Cakes: Baking at Lightning Speed

Fastest Cakes lives up to its name by swiftly delivering excellent and affordable cakes. This platform ensures that celebrations are made sweeter with its efficient cake delivery services.

Adspace.ng: Unleashing Digital Advertising

Adspace.ng is a dynamic marketplace dedicated to digital advertising. It connects advertisers and brands to relevant spaces, optimizing the impact of online campaigns.

Viajio: Journeying through Online Travel

Viajio serves as an online travel marketplace, connecting travelers with a diverse array of travel options, from accommodations to experiences, to make each journey unforgettable.

MaterialsPro: Streamlining B2B Transactions

MaterialsPro is an on-demand B2B e-commerce platform specializing in bulk building materials. By providing timely and scheduled deliveries at competitive prices, it fuels the construction industry’s progress.


Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub, is witnessing a groundbreaking transformation in the world of E-commerce. These innovative startups are not only redefining how Nigerians shop, connect, and do business online but are also shaping the future of the nation’s digital landscape. From personalized gifting experiences to wholesale beauty curation and everything in between, Lagos’s E-commerce scene is certainly one to watch, as it continues to thrive and evolve in remarkable ways.

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