Revolutionizing Finance in Lagos: Unveiling the Dynamic FinTech Landscape

Lagos, Nigeria, often referred to as the economic heartbeat of Africa, is witnessing a transformative wave in the financial technology sector. The city’s vibrant startup ecosystem is abuzz with innovative FinTech companies that are reshaping the way people manage money, access credit, and conduct transactions. In this article, we delve into 15 remarkable FinTech companies based in Lagos that are contributing to the city’s economic evolution.

Bamboo: Empowering Stock Investments in Real-Time

Bamboo stands at the forefront of democratizing investment opportunities. Through its digital investment platform, Lagosians can buy, hold, and sell stocks in real-time. By making investing accessible to all, Bamboo is bridging the gap between financial aspirations and reality.

PayHippo: AI-Driven Lending for SMEs

PayHippo is revolutionizing small and medium-sized business financing. With an AI-driven lending platform, it offers a seamless way for entrepreneurs to access the funds they need. By simplifying the lending process, PayHippo is fostering economic growth among local businesses.

Maplerad: Fast and Affordable Cross-Border Money Transfers

Maplerad is transforming the way money moves across borders. With its fast and affordable money transfer solutions, the company is enhancing financial accessibility and inclusivity for Lagosians with international connections.

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Earnipay: Unlocking Financial Flexibility

Earnipay is empowering individuals with on-demand salary access. By blending financing and technology, the company offers a lifeline for those seeking greater financial flexibility, ultimately promoting financial well-being.

Zilla: Enabling Buy Now, Pay Later

Zilla is rewriting the rules of purchasing. With its innovative approach to zero-interest “buy now, pay later” services, the company is enabling Lagosians to manage their expenses more efficiently.

Syarpa: Simplifying Remittances with Crypto

Syarpa is breaking down barriers in remittances. Through its trusted platform, the company facilitates seamless fiat and cryptocurrency transfers, offering a reliable solution for cross-border financial transactions.

Evolve Credit: Your Gateway to Personalized Loans

Evolve Credit is redefining the loan experience. Its marketplace connects consumers with tailored loan offers from select lenders, making the process of securing funds more transparent and user-friendly.

Vendy Inc: Pioneering Offline Payments

Vendy Inc is making waves in offline payments. By helping businesses accept payments without an online presence, the company is fostering financial inclusivity in a rapidly digitizing world.

Bujeti: Innovating Corporate Payments

Bujeti is revolutionizing corporate payments. Through its web and mobile app, the company offers smart physical and virtual corporate cards, streamlining bank transfer payments for businesses.

ETAP: Simplifying Car Insurance

ETAP is reimagining car insurance. With its app, buying and claiming car insurance becomes a hassle-free experience, ensuring that Lagosians have reliable coverage on the road.

Fundall: A Holistic Approach to Financial Wellness

Fundall is a gateway to financial prosperity. By offering access to a range of financial products and services, the company empowers individuals and businesses to smartly manage and grow their wealth.

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Fliqpay: Redefining Cross-Border Payments

Fliqpay is a cross-border payment infrastructure that’s streamlining global transactions. By bridging the gap between financial institutions and businesses, the company is fostering international economic connections.

Glover: Unleashing Digital Asset Opportunities

Glover is the catalyst for digital asset adoption. Through its marketplace, the company is creating seamless opportunities for Africans to engage with digital assets, paving the way for financial empowerment.

Lendha: AI-Powered Credit Solutions

Lendha is harnessing the power of AI for MSMEs. By providing easy access to credit and financial solutions, the company is fueling the growth of emerging market businesses.

Flux: Enabling Cross-Africa Financial Connectivity

Flux is redefining financial interactions across Africa. Its mobile app facilitates money transfers, payments, and receipts, fostering greater financial integration and accessibility.


The FinTech landscape in Lagos is a testament to innovation, resilience, and a commitment to transforming financial systems. These 15 FinTech companies are not only changing how Lagosians interact with money but are also propelling the city toward a more inclusive and prosperous economic future. As these companies continue to evolve, they serve as beacons of inspiration for the global startup community, demonstrating the power of technology to reshape the financial landscape for the better.

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