Is Captive Audience Engagement the Future of Live Events and Messaging?

Key Takeaways

  • Plexus Technology is on the cutting edge of captive audience engagement.
  • They provide communication and location services for live events.
  • Their primary selling point is servicing locations with limited cellular connectivity.
  • They offer enhanced user experience, increased profit potential for event managers through sponsorship packages, and improved friend finding capabilities.

Plexus Technology was founded with the mission to deliver reliable communication and location services, and they have achieved that by succeeding in a niche area of operation – spaces with minimal cellular service. This Austin, Texas based company has carved out a compelling proposition for eventgoers and event managers alike, ensuring accessibility to essential services in any environment.

Their full-scale solutions offer a new age platform where operators of various events can engage their captive audience via an application of their choice. This unique offering has helped solve a long-standing problem experienced at many live events, while significantly enhancing the overall event experience for attendees.

What sets Plexus Technology apart from the competition is their proprietary technology which is independent of cellular service. This independence offers a unique and reliable medium for direct messaging and location tracking which traditionally lacks in typical live event scenarios. Moreover, their system has been designed to offer operators the opportunity to increase their profits exponentially by selling space on these platform features as customizable sponsorship packages.

Furthermore, Plexus Technology has tapped into the potent potential of enhancing mutual connectivity at events by including friend-finding features in their offerings. By improving and simplifying the process of locating friends in otherwise frantic and unpredictable event environments, they have exponentially improved the overall user experience.

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With the current pace of digital transformation, Plexus Technology appears to be in a prime position to disrupt and largely define the future of the live events and messaging industry. The benefits provided by their technology are two-dimensional, improving both the user experience for attendees and the profit opportunities for the event operators.

On their website and social media platforms, Plexus provides a wealth of information including the latest news, innovations and plans for the future. You can follow their journey on their website, LinkedIn.

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