Is Invisible Braces Revolution the Future of Cosmetic Dentistry in Healthcare?

Key Takeaways

  • Smile Works Dental, a leading private dental clinic in London, is pioneering the use of invisible braces in the cosmetic dentistry sector.
  • The startup’s comprehensive range of dental treatments offers a promising insight into the future of dentistry.
  • With a focus on cosmetic dental treatments, Smile Works Dental is revolutionizing the dental sector by making teeth straightening more comfortable and subtler.

As an innovative startup in the cosmetic dentistry industry, Smile Works Dental has made its mark in London. Led by Dr. Siavash Mirfendereski and Dr. Ilaty Jahedi, the clinic provides some of the very best Invisalign treatments and a wide range of other dental services. Highlighting their expertise in cosmetic dentistry, Smile Works Dental has positioned itself as a torchbearer in this industry.

Invisible braces present an exciting proposition in cosmetic dentistry and could be considered the future of this field in healthcare. The invisibility factor not only adds aesthetic value and comfort compared to traditional braces but also reduces the psychological impact associated with the visible dental correction process. Smile Works Dental in London stands at the forefront of this revolution.

Smile Works Dental sets itself apart with its extensive array of cosmetic dentistry services. This includes Invisalign invisible braces, lingual braces, porcelain dental veneers, enlighten teeth whitening, dental implants and veneers, composite bonding and veneers, and general cosmetic dentistry. Besides maintaining a high standard of service, Smile Works Dental is committed to keeping abreast of advancements in dental technology, thereby keeping them at the pinnacle of the industry.

Moreover, the clinic has excelled in making dental care personalized and consultancy-based, ensuring patients benefit from the latest research and technology in the field. This focus on personalized care, service quality, and incorporating advanced technologies differentiate Smile Works Dental from other players in the industry.

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The future looks bright for Smile Works Dental, not only in London but on a wider scale as well. As invisible braces become increasingly popular, the startup stands a great chance to revolutionize the cosmetic dentistry sector in healthcare. This innovation in dentistry, alongside their comprehensive range of treatments, indicates that Smile Works Dental is indeed gearing for the future and cementing their mark in this industry.

Smile Works Dental’s commitment to quality and innovation undeniably makes them a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry. You can connect with Smile Works Dental on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.


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