Is Low-Code Development the Future of Global Digital Business Transformation?

Key Takeaways:

  • Sappience is among the first companies in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to creating a portfolio of business applications on low-code development platforms.
  • The startup is not only creating proprietary products but also empowering businesses to generate their own applications.
  • Sappience views low-code development as the key to expediting global digital transformation.


In an era referred to as the digital renaissance, many businesses are undergoing a significant transformation. A fundamental part of this shift is the realm of software development, where low-code development methods are rapidly gaining traction. One startup at the heart of this revolution is Sappience. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, this innovative company is dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation of global businesses.

Sappience stands as one of the first companies in the Central and Eastern European region to focus solely on creating a suite of business applications, using world-class low-code development platforms. Their primary objective is not just to introduce their own products to the world but also to empower businesses with the right platform to create their own applications, even without any specific programming abilities.

Startup Differentiators

What sets Sappience apart is their understanding of the fundamental requirements of digital transformation: time, speed, and motion. Their decision to harness the capabilities of low-code development platforms attests to their commitment to accelerate the journey of digital transformation for businesses globally. Not only are they continuously expanding their apps library with features aimed at increasing business productivity, but they also provide businesses with the ability to create their own apps to meet specific needs.

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By partnering with leading vendors in the industry, Sappience provides an impressive Time to Value ratio for their customers and App users. The startup is not just selling a product; they are providing a platform through which businesses can themselves become creators, offering a solution that is flexible, agile, and customizable to individual requirements.


The future of digital business transformation worldwide is looking increasingly favorable towards low-code development. As a changemaker in this field, Sappience is poised to play a significant role in this narrative. With their unique approach of combining their own suite of applications with the power of low-code development, they outline a promising direction for the future of the IT industry.

You can follow the exciting journey of Sappience on their website, as well as their social channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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