Which Madrid Software Startups are Influencing Global Tech Trends in 2023?

¡Hola, StartUpBubble News readers! When it comes to the startup scene, we often cast our eyes towards Silicon Valley in California or the tech hubs in Asia. However, today we bring you a collection of ambitious, innovative, and intriguing software startups right from the heart of Europe – Madrid, Spain. A thrilling blend of classic European charm with a forward-thinking tech culture, Madrid is a treasure trove of creativity and codifying wizardry, one that is ready to take us through a zestful journey across a digital landscape.

The software industry in Madrid is beaming with promising firms blurring boundaries and challenging norms. From Fintech to Cloud and Blockchain, Madrid’s software startups are creating solutions to complex challenges and driving digital transformation. These startups are a testament to the vigor and dynamism of Madrid’s tech ecosystem.

So let’s dive in, explore, and celebrate these intriguing software businesses reshaping industries, right here in Madrid. Here are our top 15 software companies to keep an eye on:


Snab is a cloud-based, AI-powered platform operating in the software industry. Seamlessly combining AI with financial services, Snab is creatively using technology to offer tailored solutions and redefine customer experiences.


TaxDown, a Madrid-based software company that simplifies the income tax return filing process for taxpayers. Backed by a smart UI and automated features, TaxDown is attempting to make taxes less taxing.


Formerly known as DudyFit, Harbiz is an all-in-one productivity software for wellness professionals. The company’s innovative approach helps health and wellness businesses achieve digitization and professionalism seamlessly.

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Fuell is offering a corporate card that is designed to simplify business expenses. Touted as a “radically better corporate card”, Fuell is committed to driving financial efficiency in businesses.


Embat is a fintech company that provides innovative financial planning and treasury management solutions for businesses. Through it, businesses are able to manage their finances in a notably streamlined manner.


iCommunity is helping companies integrate Blockchain into their business processes. With APIs and SaaS Blockchain solutions, iCommunity is effortlessly bringing Blockchain to the mainstream business world.


Velada is changing the way users find restaurants. Their intriguing app uses data to offer personalized restaurant recommendations, making it easier for food lovers to decide where to dine next.


DynamEat is digitizing the menus and optimizing profits for the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry. Their solution enables businesses to adapt to the digital era and improve their bottom line.


Jotelulu is a cloud platform transforming small IT companies into cloud service providers. Through an array of innovative solutions, Jotelulu is leveling up the game for IT companies.

DoGood People

DoGood People‘s SaaS platform helps companies embed sustainability into their culture by enabling employees to actively contribute to ESG Impact. A unique blend of technology and sustainability, DoGood People is making a real difference.


Viterbit might have a minimalist description – “We know talent”, but it hints at a powerhouse of software development and talent management expertise. With a robust portfolio, Viterbit is a force to reckon with.


Dcycle specializes in developing environmental intelligence tools. Their vision is to harness the power of technology for fostering a healthier environment.

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Shakers facilitates seamless collaboration between companies and freelancers. Their claim – “work with entire teams of TOP freelancers in minutes, easier than managing your own team.”


Uelz is a payment collection solution that integrates with multiple payment gateways. Uelz is helping businesses automate their transactions and enhance their financial efficiency.


On a mission to revolutionize consumption, Yakk champions the concept of “Own Less, Live More”. Stay tuned to see how Yakk unfolds its plans towards promoting sustainable consumption.

In the heart of Madrid, fountains of innovation are gushing forth, as software startups unleash their unique, transformative solutions. Their inventive approaches are more than just a Spanish serenade; they signpost the future of the software industry. As they continue to grow, they’ll undoubtedly scratch more exciting etches on the global software canvas.

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