Who Are Madrid’s Top Emerging Internet Startups Shaping 2023?

As the third largest metropolitan city in the European Union, Madrid has become a hub for innovation and startup companies. These startups aren’t just making a splash in Spain but are reaching global audiences and making a significant impact on the world’s digital landscapes. The following startups range from digital marketplaces for professional hiring to automotive subscription services, to innovative storytelling platforms, showcasing Madrid’s diverse and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit.


Nova is an innovative marketplace platform that bridges the gap between professionals and potential employers across numerous industries. Known for its exciting approach to professional networking, Nova takes on the challenge of finding the appropriate fit and talent for companies worldwide. By championing people and their passions and providing a platform for finding work that is fulfilling and inspiring, Nova is reimagining the future of work.


Tech platform, Lana, serves gig economy workers by operating as a financial marketplace in Latin America. Offering a solid financial solution for freelancers and contract workers who often struggle with getting the financial services they need, Lana fosters financial inclusivity and economic growth in the region.


Qoala uses innovative internet technology to find and apply discount codes on online stores. This intuitive browser extension not only helps users save money but also provides them with cashback—creating a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers.


Transforming car ownership in Spain, REVEL offers an all-inclusive, flexible car subscription service. By simplifying vehicle ownership and financial management, REVEL provides a user-friendly and affordable alternative to traditional vehicle leasing and purchasing models.

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Mydatamood is an innovative enterprise that makes digital identity profitable for users and serves companies with valuable Data as a Service (DaaS). Recognizing the rapidly growing digital data market, Mydatamood takes an innovative approach to manage digital footprints and personal data—making it not just secure, but profitable for users.


Sales teams can sell more by engaging more visitors and booking demos instantly, thanks to Meetzy.io. Eliminating the need for chats, emails, or scheduling links, Meetzy.io streamlines the sales process and maximizes conversion rates.


Geekmarket.tech is an online store that specializes in refurbished electronic products. It’s the end-to-end solution for customers in need of top-quality refurbished electronics, offering everything from computers to gaming consoles. Geekmarket.tech has carved out a niche for itself in the growing market of refurbished electronics.


StoriMake is a mobile-first platform that makes video storytelling accessible to everyone. This interactive and expressive platform aims to revolutionize content creation, inspire creativity, and help users generate compelling storytelling videos with ease.


Clinpify is an online platform that offers car cleaning services. With a focus on customer convenience and quality of service, Clinpify revolutionizes the traditional approach to car cleaning, making it easy for users to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of their vehicle.


Operating as a startup without a website, MotosierraTech makes use of SaaS business models to offer innovative internet solutions. They are becoming a significant player in Madrid’s internet industry.


Available at Vamos, offers a Car as a Service e-commerce platform bringing a unique concept to the automotive market. As a fast-growing startup, Vamos provides flexible car subscription options, redefining transportation and driving experiences.

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Finetwork, offers its mobile telephony and fiber services throughout Spain, providing reliable and affordable communication solutions to residents across the country.

Poly Cashback

Poly Cashback, brings the world of bitcoins to be transparent and simple. They provide a straightforward and easy-to-use platform for anyone looking to explore the world of cryptocurrency.

The Cyprinus

The Cyprinus, is a SaaS cloud big data platform offering comprehensive and innovative data solutions for businesses of all sizes. The Cyprinus helps businesses transmute vast amounts of data into meaningful insights and actionable strategies.

Mindset Consulting

Mindset Consulting focuses on strategic communications for tech and life science companies — a niche yet a much-needed service in an era where advanced communication strategies can make or break a business.

Each of these burgeoning startups from Madrid is a testament to the city’s advanced digital capabilities and bustling entrepreneurial spirit. Continuously pushing boundaries, exploring new avenues, and creating solutions for the future, it is startups like these that keep Madrid at the forefront of the global tech scene.

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