Is This Cloud-Based Platform Transforming B2B Self-Storage Management Industry?


Key Takeaways:

  • Monument is a B2B software platform for the self-storage industry focusing on the management of large portfolios of facilities.
  • The company’s service offers remote and cloud-based management of facilities and customers.
  • Located in Dallas, Texas, it is set to make a mark on the self-storage management industry with its innovative SaaS model.


Monument, a startup company hailing from Dallas, Texas is proving to be a game-changer in the world of self-storage management. They provide a B2B software platform targeted at businesses that own and operate large portfolios of self-storage facilities. By allowing these businesses to efficiently manage their operations, Monument is looking to revolutionize how the self-storage industry functions.

At the heart of the platform is a cloud-based management software that not only empowers businesses to remotely manage their facilities, but also their customers. This integration of business operations with customer management in the cloud positions Monument as a promising player in the B2B, SaaS, and Self-Storage industries.


What truly sets Monument apart from other players in the field is its commitment to leveraging the power of cloud technology to simplify large-scale self-storage management. The company has intelligently designed a platform that eliminates the need for businesses to rely on local servers, thereby offering them the flexibility to manage their operations remotely. From tracking inventory to overseeing rentals, every aspect of facility management can be tackled from any place at any time.

The ability to integrate customer management within the platform is another significant differentiator for Monument. Customers’ information, their rentals, and payments can all be handled in one place, increasing efficiency and maintaining superior customer service standards. The emphasis placed on customer service within the software design aligns with the modern shift to a more consumer-oriented business model.

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Monument is undoubtedly poised to revolutionize the self-storage management industry. By providing businesses with the much-needed ability to manage their operations and customers remotely, the company may very well be a pivotal part of shaping the future of the industry. As more industries shift towards digital solutions and the remote business model becomes ever more prevalent, Monument’s impact on the self-storage industry is apparent.

With dedicated founders like Evan Wolf and Gab Goncalves at the helm, Monument is a company to watch in the coming years for anyone involved in the self-storage industry and beyond. To stay updated with Monument’s revolutionary journey, follow them on their social media accounts on LinkedIn or visit their website.


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