Is Virtual Treatment Revolutionizing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Care?


Key Takeaways:

  • Author Health offers comprehensive care for patients with substance use disorders and severe mental illnesses, using both virtual and in-person treatment.
  • Launched with a hefty $115 million in funding led by General Atlantic and Flare Capital Partners.
  • They pride themselves on their team-based approach, connecting isolated patients with care providers.
  • Established by a cohort of experts including Dr. Jay Himmelstein, Kristin Chambers, Robert Mechanic, and Erin Jospe.

In the burgeoning space of healthcare startups, Boston-based Author Health is making remarkable strides. Serving Medicare Advantage recipients with substance use disorders and serious mental illness, this initiative aims to bridge gaps in care through a blend of in-person and virtual treatment. Leveraging technology to deliver healthcare services isn’t entirely new, but the application of digital touchpoints in treating complex mental health conditions and substance use disorders truly sets the platform apart.

Author Health emerged from stealth in 2023, with an impressive starting capital of $115 million, acquired through funding led by General Atlantic and Flare Capital Partners. Given the substantial healthcare demands of the audience it seeks to serve, this substantial backing indicates strong confidence in the company’s mission and approach.

The standout differentiator for Author Health is their team-based care model. Each patient benefits from an extensive network of specialists, from physicians to therapists and community health care workers. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that each patient receives the full scope of care required for their individual circumstances. Furthermore, their virtual care settings help aid in breaking the geographical constraints faced by many patients.

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Another characteristic setting them apart is how they target their services. By focusing on Medicare Advantage recipients, Author Health is addressing a significant demographic that is often marginalized in the healthcare system. Ensuring these recipients receive equal and robust care is a cornerstone of Author Health’s mission.

Looking towards the future, Author Health holds an influential position in shaping the narratives around virtual mental health care and substance abuse treatments. With the support they’ve garnered thus far and their unique approach to care, they have the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is accessed and delivered, not just in the United States, but globally.

For an industry on the cusp of major digital disruption, the healthcare sector faces immense challenges, but also unprecedented opportunities. Author Health is ahead of the game, creating opportunities to remediate pressing healthcare issues. They can be reached out on their website,
Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms. Stay tuned to see how this startup shapes the future of healthcare.


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