Revolutionizing Autism Health Care: Key Takeaways from a Leading Therapeutic Startup?

Key Takeaways:

  • Attendant Care Autism Services is a leading therapeutic startup revolutionizing autism health care.
  • Offering applied behavior analysis, social skill training, parent education, and consultation services.
  • Personalized care and compassionate approach to create a positive and safe therapeutic family environment.
  • A wide spectrum of services for efficiently managing autism, aspergers and associated therapies.
  • Pioneered by Dr. Janetta Iwanicki and Dr. Denise Reid.


The increasing incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) worldwide has led to a greater need for specialized therapeutic services. Among the forefront of these providers is a unique startup named Attendant Care Autism Services, based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Founded by Dr. Janetta Iwanicki and Dr. Denise Reid, Attendant Care Autism Services is contributing significantly towards providing personalized care and life enrichment to individuals affected with autism.

The company provides a comprehensive range of expert services that include applied behavior analysis(ABA), social skill training, parent education, and consultation services. These services play a pivotal role in empowering the families dealing with Autism, helping improve life quality and making living with Autism more manageable.


What truly distinguishes Attendant Care Autism Services from other healthcare providers is their unique approach. Their focus is not confined only to ABA therapy but also extends to providing a positive, safe and therapeutic family environment. They walk an extra mile to aid social skill development with personalized training, which is very crucial for the well-being of individuals with Autism.

The founder’s outstanding credentials as medical professionals also add significant credibility and trust to the company’s offerings. Their expertise coupled with their compassionate healthcare services has proven to be a boon for both individuals with Autism and their families alike.

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In the existing health care scenario, Attendant Care Autism Services holds great potential for the future. As Autism prevalence continues to rise, the demand for sophisticated and comprehensive therapeutic services like theirs is inevitably set to grow. The company has paved its way into a sector where compassion and high-grade professional services intersect. They are not just contributing to the field of healthcare but are also instilling hope and providing much-needed support to families dealing with Autism.

You can connect with Attendant Care Autism Services to know more about their valuable interventions. Here are the links to their website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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