Revolutionizing International Meeting Scheduling with Cross-Timezone SaaS Solutions?

Key Takeaways:

  • Inviited is a SaaS startup based in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in streamlining the scheduling of international meetings for remote teams.
  • The platform provides a unique scheduling link for each user to send to attendees, determining the best time slot for all parties involved.
  • Inviited offers direct synchronization with Google, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange calendars, and allows meetings to take place over Zoom, Google Hangout/Meet, and Skype.

Scheduling international meetings can be a headache, especially when disparate time zones, individual availabilities, and varying meeting platform preferences are involved. Leveraging the functionality of SaaS platforms, Australian startup Inviited aims to transform the way we schedule meetings, making the process streamlined, efficient, and hassle-free. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Inviited is targeting remote teams in particular, a sector which has seen dramatic growth in recent years and shows no sign of slowing.

Founded by John Smith and Jane Williams, Inviited is carving out its niche by addressing a common pain point in the ever-evolving remote working scene – syncing up schedules across different time zones. By creating a unique web-link for each meeting, attendees can vote on the best time that suits them, with Inviited’s smart algorithm suggesting the optimal slot for everyone.

Where Inviited really stands out from the crowd, though, is in its seamless integration with popular calendar platforms. Be it Google, Outlook, or Microsoft Exchange, Inviited ensures that attendees’ availabilities are accurate and up-to-date. This saves the headache of doubling-up on appointments and eliminates the dread of email tag to lock down a meeting time. Moreover, Inviited isn’t just for teams within the same organization. The platform works equally well when scheduling meetings with international clients, making it a versatile tool in any remote business toolkit.

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Another differentiating factor of Inviited is its versatile compatibility with different meeting platforms. Recognizing that not everyone uses the same software, Inviited facilitates meetings over Zoom, Google Hangout/Meet, and Skype, increasing its reach and usability.

Looking forwards, the future of Inviited, and indeed of all SaaS platforms offering to streamline the realities of remote working, appears bright. With remote working on an upward trend and likely to become the norm rather than the exception, tools like Inviited are set to become indispensable. As more firms transition to some degree of remote work amid global trends, and newly established companies emerge as remote-first, the need for effective meeting scheduling solutions like Inviited is increasing.

The Inviited team’s ambition and innovation are clear, and their vision is evident in their product’s design and functionality. Follow their journey and learn more about their platform on their website, or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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