Startup Showcase: Burmester & Vogel Revolutionizing Demurrage Software and Freight Analytics

Transforming Maritime Transportation and Commodity Trade Execution


Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups from around the world. In this edition, we are thrilled to showcase Burmester & Vogel, a trailblazing freight technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. With a focus on demurrage software and freight analytics, Burmester & Vogel is revolutionizing the maritime transportation and commodity trade execution industries.

A Pioneer in Freight Technology

Burmester & Vogel (B&V) has emerged as a pioneer in the field of demurrage software and freight analytics. With its headquarters in Boston and an office in Hamburg, Germany, the company has successfully leveraged its decades of experience to build a robust technology platform that caters to the unique needs of the maritime and commodity trading sectors.

Efficiency, Risk Reduction, and Time Savings

At the core of Burmester & Vogel’s offerings lies their cutting-edge technology platform, which has been developed and refined over three decades. By harnessing the power of their proven intellectual property, B&V provides solutions that significantly enhance efficiency, reduce risk, and save valuable time for their clients.

Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics

B&V’s demurrage software and freight analytics solutions empower clients to make data-driven decisions. The comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems, allowing users to accurately estimate and calculate freight and demurrage costs for ocean, barge, and rail transportation. This level of data-driven insight enables stakeholders to optimize their operations and gain a competitive edge in the global market.

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Serving a Diverse Client Base

Burmester & Vogel boasts an impressive client base, consisting of over 1,000 commodity traders, industrial producers, bulk terminals, shippers, shipowners, shipbrokers, and port agents across the globe. The company’s ability to cater to such a diverse range of clients speaks volumes about the adaptability and scalability of their solutions. B&V’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the success stories shared by their clients, who have achieved remarkable results after implementing their innovative technologies.

Join the Maritime Technology Revolution

In an industry that demands precision, accuracy, and timeliness, Burmester & Vogel stands out as a leading force. By joining forces with B&V, maritime and commodity trade businesses can unlock the full potential of their operations, optimize cost management, and streamline their workflows.


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