Startup Showcase: inContAlert Revolutionizes Incontinence Care with Deep Tech


Welcome to, where we feature the most exciting and groundbreaking startups from around the world. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we present inContAlert, a deep tech startup that is revolutionizing the field of incontinence. With their cutting-edge technology, inContAlert aims to enhance the lives of people with bladder dysfunction, providing them with a unique solution to monitor and manage their condition. Read on to discover how inContAlert is eliminating unnecessary catheters, minimizing dependence on caregivers, and empowering individuals to lead a carefree life.

Disrupting the Field of Incontinence: inContAlert’s Vision

inContAlert is not your typical startup. It is a visionary company driven by a strong mission—to bring about a positive change in the lives of incontinence patients. With a focus on leveraging technology, inContAlert has developed a groundbreaking solution to address the challenges faced by individuals with bladder dysfunction.

The Power of Technology: Introducing inContAlert’s mHealth Device

At the heart of inContAlert’s innovation lies their mHealth device, a game-changer in the field of incontinence care. This small, discreet device employs deep learning algorithms to monitor the filling level of the urinary bladder. Gone are the days of relying on invasive catheters or frequent assistance from caregivers.

Monitoring Made Easy: The inContAlert App

To complement their mHealth device, inContAlert offers a user-friendly mobile application. The app acts as a comprehensive platform for incontinence patients to track and manage their condition. It provides real-time data visualization, enabling individuals to stay informed about their bladder’s filling level. Moreover, the app sends timely alerts when the predefined filling level is reached, preventing any uncontrolled urine loss or bladder distension.

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Embracing Freedom: Empowering Incontinence Patients

Thanks to inContAlert, individuals with incontinence can reclaim their independence and live life to the fullest. By eliminating the need for catheters, reducing reliance on healthcare professionals for emptying, and minimizing the use of diapers, inContAlert restores dignity and freedom to those affected by bladder dysfunction.


inContAlert’s deep tech solution has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people worldwide. With their innovative mHealth device and user-friendly app, inContAlert is empowering incontinence patients to regain control over their condition. By embracing technology and harnessing the power of deep learning, inContAlert is disrupting the field of incontinence care and paving the way for a more comfortable and carefree life.


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