Startup Showcase: Nude – The New Way to Save for and Purchase Your First Home

Are you tired of the traditional home-buying experience? Nude is here to revolutionize the way first-time buyers save for and purchase their first home. With personal insights and lifestyle tweaks, Nude helps knock months or even years off your savings goal – without sacrificing your social life. This Startup Showcase will take a closer look at Nude, its mission, and how it’s disrupting the home-buying industry.

Introducing Nude

Nude is a UK-based startup that is on a mission to make the home-buying experience easier and more enjoyable. The company provides a platform that helps first-time buyers set a savings goal and provides personal insights and lifestyle tweaks to help them achieve that goal faster. Whether it’s cutting down on your takeaway coffees or opting for a cheaper gym membership, Nude helps you find ways to save money without sacrificing the things you love.

Saving Made Simple

One of the biggest challenges for first-time buyers is saving enough money for a deposit. Nude simplifies this process by providing a clear savings target and tracking progress towards that goal. Users can set a target and then receive tips and advice on how to achieve that goal. The platform also offers tools to help users visualize their savings journey and see how small changes can have a big impact on their progress.

Personalized Insights

Nude’s unique approach to savings is based on personalized insights. The platform takes into account a user’s lifestyle and spending habits and provides tailored advice to help them save money. Whether it’s suggesting cheaper alternatives to your favorite restaurants or helping you find the best deals on your regular purchases, Nude is always looking for ways to help users save money.

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Beyond Home-Buying

While Nude’s focus is on helping first-time buyers save for and purchase their first home, the company has big ambitions beyond the home-buying industry. Nude is applying for a banking license to launch Nude mortgages and to support people through all of life’s big moments, like weddings, children’s accounts, and retirement. With its innovative approach to savings and personalized insights, Nude is poised to disrupt the traditional banking industry.


Nude is the future of home-buying. With its unique approach to savings and personalized insights, the platform makes the home-buying experience easier and more enjoyable than ever before. As the company continues to grow and expand, it has the potential to transform the banking industry and help people achieve their financial goals. Visit the Nude website today to learn more about this exciting startup.







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