Startup Showcase: WeTrade Group – Empowering Micro-Businesses with Cloud Intelligence

WeTrade Group is revolutionizing the way micro-businesses operate with its cloud intelligent system, YCloud. The Beijing-based startup is dedicated to providing technical services that help small businesses grow and expand their operations through innovative technologies and data analysis. With YCloud, WeTrade Group aims to strengthen users’ marketing relationships and commission profit management while increasing revenue and group leader management.

The YCloud platform enables micro-businesses to enhance their operations and improve their overall productivity. It is a comprehensive system that leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI, big data analysis, and multi-channel data statistics to provide valuable insights into the business operations. Through YCloud, micro-businesses can streamline their supply chain management, optimize their marketing strategies, and increase their customer base, ultimately boosting their bottom line.

Empowering Micro-Businesses with Intelligent Cloud Systems

WeTrade Group is committed to helping micro-businesses navigate the complexities of modern business operations with its intelligent cloud systems. YCloud is a game-changer for micro-businesses as it offers an all-in-one platform that covers every aspect of running a successful business. Here are some of the ways YCloud is empowering micro-businesses:

Marketing Relationship and CPS Commission Profit Management

YCoud provides a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses build better relationships with their customers. The platform leverages data analytics and AI to provide personalized recommendations, automate communication, and increase engagement. Additionally, YCloud allows businesses to track commission profit management, ensuring they are optimizing their resources effectively.

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Payment Scenarios and Revenue Management

Micro-businesses can use YCloud to increase payment scenarios, revenue management, and group leader management. YCloud provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to track their revenue and manage their expenses efficiently. The platform also offers advanced features like multi-channel data statistics and AI fission to help businesses scale their operations quickly.

Supply Chain Management

YCoud helps businesses optimize their supply chain management by providing real-time insights into their operations. The platform leverages data analysis and AI to provide valuable insights into the supply chain, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their resources effectively.


WeTrade Group is a game-changer for micro-businesses looking to leverage cutting-edge technologies to grow and expand their operations. YCloud is an intelligent cloud system that provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help businesses optimize their operations, increase revenue, and manage their resources effectively. WeTrade Group is committed to empowering micro-businesses with innovative solutions that help them navigate the complexities of modern business operations.

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