Startup Showcase: Viktrs – Revolutionizing Music Video Monetization

Empowering Artists and Engaging Fans Through Shoppable Music Videos


Welcome to, where we bring you the most innovative and game-changing startups from around the world. In this edition, we are excited to present Viktrs, a London-based company that is disrupting the music industry with its unique approach to music video monetization. Viktrs is setting new standards for artists, fans, and engagement in the digital era, and we are thrilled to showcase their groundbreaking platform.

Unlocking the Value of Video

In a world where music videos dominate the online landscape, Viktrs is breaking the mold by offering a novel and engaging way to experience them. The company recognizes the untapped potential in video content and aims to unlock its dormant value. They have created a discoverable, shoppable music video viewing experience that takes audience interaction to a whole new level.

Shoppable Music Videos – The Future of Monetization

Traditional music videos often provide passive entertainment for viewers, but Viktrs is changing that paradigm. By integrating eCommerce elements directly into music videos, they enable audiences to shop, interact, and engage seamlessly with the content they love. Imagine watching your favorite artist’s music video and being able to purchase the outfit they are wearing or the instruments they are playing with just a few clicks. Viktrs has turned this dream into a reality, revolutionizing the way artists monetize their video content.

Creating New Revenue Streams and Partnerships

Viktrs’ innovative platform not only benefits fans but also empowers artists to generate new revenue streams. By offering shoppable products within their music videos, artists can earn a commission from each sale, opening up exciting possibilities for income generation. Additionally, Viktrs facilitates partnership opportunities, where brands can collaborate with artists to feature their products in music videos, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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Building a Connected Community

Viktrs envisions a world where artists receive real-time feedback on the cultural and commercial impact of their music videos. With the ability to track user engagement and purchases, artists gain valuable insights into their audience’s preferences, enabling them to tailor their content and grow their fanbase strategically. This level of connection and interaction between artists and fans fosters a deeper sense of community and loyalty, enriching the overall music experience.


Viktrs is spearheading a transformative movement within the music industry, bridging the gap between artists and fans through their shoppable music video platform. By reimagining the way we experience music videos, Viktrs has created an environment where artists can thrive, and fans can actively participate in the content they love. The future of music video monetization is here, and Viktrs is leading the way.


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