Which US Smart Cities Startups are Influencing Urban Innovation in 2023?

Modern technological advancements are transforming entire city infrastructures, providing technological solutions that facilitate convenience, efficiency and optimization. The concept of a “Smart City” is quickly becoming a reality with innovative startups that aim for sustainable development and high quality of life, by using smart technology and data analysis. This article highlights some of the most interesting and impactful Smart Cities startups in the United States, that are paving the way to a technologically advanced urban future.


Praxis is an ambitious project aiming to build an autonomous city. In an era where autonomy is highly admired, this membership-based platform pushes beyond individual autonomy to city autonomy. The goal is not merely to create Smart Cities, but to set up a model where every feature is loaded with intelligence. Employing an integrated approach, Praxis seeks to expand the freedom cities have to be innovative and productive.

Bond – The Post Purchase Company

In the age of technology, the potential for businesses to improve the post-purchase experience for their customers is enormous. This is where Bond comes in. Aimed at digital native brands, Bond uses technology to make the post-purchase experience as smooth as possible, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and retention.


build_ is a one-stop-shop for connecting digital economies and local communities. In the rapidly connected world we live in, such a bridge is invaluable, allowing for synergized development and growth.

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Tackling the critical issue of security, Tautuk offers reliable security technology for OT and IOT in Smart Cities. As Smart Cities become more technologically advanced, robust and scalable security solutions like Tautuk become increasingly essential.


Bestmap offers a comprehensive solution to navigating the rapidly changing landscape of mobility and transportation. By aggregating all mobility and transportation providers in one app, Bestmap addresses a key aspect of the Smart City vision – connected and efficient transportation.


ARED GROUP is an infrastructure-as-a-service company with a mandate to boost the African digital economy using the Smart City model. This startup’s vision expanding beyond the confines of American cities underlines the global potential and allure of Smart Cities.

Machine Can See

Emphasizing on Computer Vision (AI) and Big Data, Machine Can See is at the cutting edge of the Smart City movement. Their focus on creating intuitive systems will play a crucial role in orchestrating city-wide technologies for optimal public welfare.

American Evidence

American Evidence is a GUI-based automation and evidence management platform with blockchain backing for courts and cops, it blends smart technology and justice systems to bring much-needed efficiency and transparency. In a Smart City, not even justice is left behind.

On Touch Go

With the aim of enhancing consumer engagement, On Touch Go offers an innovative rideshare platform. Such customer-focused services will be integral in shaping the future of Smart Cities.

Parkble Inc.

Parkble is a peer-to-peer community-based mobile app, specifically designed to share, find and exchange street parking spots. Parkble been creatively tackling problems of traditional city life.

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Zammo.ai‘s platform empowers businesses by creating a conversational AI presence over various channels, which can offer potential benefits to commercial establishments in cities moving towards digital transformation.


Ploto provides a unique, 1st Party Platform for SMS and mobile storytelling, showing how old technologies can have a seat in the future.


Plexflo offers an integrated analytics environment for electric utility engineers, planners, and data scientists, shining a light on the dire need for efficient infrastructure analytics in Smart Cities.


Bidcurement seeks to bring infrastructure accountability, intelligence, and innovation to communities, aiding Smart Cities in managing public infrastructure projects more efficiently.


FlashShare is a smart, on-demand portable phone charger sharing solution that elegantly solves a small but common modern problem, As cities get smarter, everyday conveniences such as these will become the norm.

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