Which are the Most Influential US Smart Building Startups Today?

As the modern world continues to innovate and develop, the concept of smart buildings is taking center stage. This is due, in large part, to companies from the United States focusing on creating intelligent and connected environments that foster higher efficiency, lower operating costs, and increased user comfort. In this article, we bring you some of the most interesting American startups that are at the forefront of this evolution, each contributing in its unique way to the smart building sector. From Building-as-a-Service to real-time air quality monitoring solutions, these startups are transforming both residential and commercial spaces into intelligent entities.

The smart building industry is vast and diverse, featuring a range of categories such as energy management, connectivity, security, and automation. Standards and codes are evolving, and technologies are rapidly changing. What’s exciting is that there are various startups in the US that are pioneering these developments and transforming our built environment in extremely innovative ways. Let’s take a look at some of these fascinating companies.

All the startups listed below have unique and novel solutions that are driving progress in the smart building space. Here are 15 start-ups that are making a significant impact in this dynamic and burgeoning industry.

1. MultiGreen Properties

MultiGreen Properties is a certified B Corp that uses the concept of Building-as-a-Service (BaaS) to construct attractive and sustainable tech-enabled multifamily homes.

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2. Antrum

Antrum is known for its real-time continuous indoor air quality monitoring solution that is specifically designed for buildings.

3. BIA Controls

BIA Controls is a company that specializes in installing and maintaining energy management, loading control systems, and building automation.

4. Sinclair Digital Services

Sinclair Digital Services is a design, build, and integration firm that concentrates on sustainable, smart building systems.

5. Fractal3

Fractal3 brings innovation to the table with its smart building solutions in the form of shipping container homes & buildings.

6. Astreia

Astreia breaks the barrier by not limiting their scope to Earth alone. They plan on building intelligent homes for Earth and Mars.

7. NOWi Sensors LLC

NOWi Sensors LLC primarily focuses on developing water leak detection technologies for apartment buildings.

8. AIWaysion

AIWaysion provides a smart mobility management platform that leverages computer vision and sensor fusion to help manage transportation in buildings.

9. Suffolk Technologies

Suffolk Technologies makes strategic investments in startups that are revolutionizing the construction and real estate sectors through technology.

10. NBDair

NBDair offers Smart Indoor Air technology solutions and operates on a SaaS model with the help of AIoT.

11. ActiveBAS

ActiveBAS is an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) company that provides solutions and products that boost energy efficiency and sustainability.

12. Building Controls & Solutions

Building Controls & Solutions, as the name suggests, provides premier energy management and building control solutions, including automation and gas detection.

13. Unison Builds, LLC

Unison Builds, LLC specializes in luxury and mountain homes, multifamily renovations, as well as commercial projects.

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14. 10/6 Professional Services

10/6 Professional Services is a project management firm that offers high-quality project management resources to its clients.

15. ProStream Digital

ProStream Digital provides a wide range of autonomous technology solutions for residential and commercial buildings, including audio and video solutions.

In conclusion, these exciting startups are reshaping the landscape of the smart building industry. Through their unique offerings and innovative ideas, they continue to redefine and reimagine the way we interact with our environment. From monitoring indoor air quality to upgrading existing infrastructures with smart solutions, these American companies are certainly leading the way towards a more intelligent and efficient future.

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