Startup Showcase: WhyLabs – Revolutionizing AI Observability and Monitoring

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on AI-powered technologies, the need for reliable and efficient monitoring and observability systems becomes more crucial. This is where WhyLabs comes in – a Seattle-based startup that offers AI observability and monitoring services to ensure the smooth functioning of AI models in various industries.

Introducing WhyLabs

WhyLabs is an AI observability and monitoring company that provides state-of-the-art monitoring services to help companies detect and resolve data quality issues, data bias, and concept drift. The company offers model monitoring services that help surface issues that can lead to costly model failures. With its purpose-built visualizations and out-of-the-box anomaly detection, WhyLabs eliminates the need for manual troubleshooting.

Whylogs – The Standard for Data Logging

At the heart of WhyLabs’ platform is whylogs, a standard for data logging that enables the platform to work on any data, structured or unstructured, at any scale, and on any platform. whylogs provides a lightweight, flexible, and efficient way to log data for machine learning purposes. This data logging platform can be integrated with any data storage system, including cloud storage, data lakes, and data warehouses, making it easy for companies to adopt it without changing their existing infrastructure.

WhyLabs’ AI Observability Platform

WhyLabs’ AI observability platform provides companies with real-time insights into the performance of their AI models. The platform’s anomaly detection system alerts users to changes in the data distribution, ensuring that the models are always performing optimally. The platform’s purpose-built visualizations provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for users to monitor their models’ performance, enabling them to quickly detect and resolve issues.

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WhyLabs’ Platform Benefits

WhyLabs’ platform offers numerous benefits to companies looking to improve their AI monitoring and observability. First and foremost, it helps prevent costly model failures by detecting data quality issues, data bias, and concept drift. This proactive approach saves companies time and money that would otherwise be spent on manual troubleshooting. Additionally, the platform offers users a flexible and customizable experience, with integrations for various data storage systems, and the ability to monitor any model, regardless of its complexity.

WhyLabs’ Beginnings

WhyLabs was founded by Amazon Machine Learning alums and created at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), a fundamental AI research institute. The startup has since grown to become one of the leading AI observability and monitoring companies, offering its services to companies across various industries.


In conclusion, WhyLabs is an innovative startup that is revolutionizing the way companies approach AI monitoring and observability. Its platform’s ability to work with any data, at any scale, on any platform, and detect data quality issues, data bias, and concept drift make it a valuable asset to any company looking to improve its AI monitoring capabilities. With WhyLabs, companies can rest assured that their AI models are always performing optimally, saving them time and money in the long run.




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