Unveiling Istanbul’s Software Marvels: 15 Innovative Companies Shaping the Future

Discover the thriving software industry in Istanbul, Turkey, and the cutting-edge companies revolutionizing various sectors with their innovative solutions.

Kiralabunu: Redefining Product Rental

Kiralabunu offers a subscription system that has changed the way customers rent products, making access to a wide range of items easier and more convenient.

Maestro Game Studio: Powering Mobile Gaming Experiences

As a leading mobile game development company, Maestro Game Studio has crafted engaging gaming experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

Shiftplanner: Optimize Your Workforce with Ease

Shiftplanner’s workforce optimization software streamlines employee scheduling and management, enhancing productivity across various industries.

Earnado: Accelerating SMEs’ Digital Marketing Transformation

Earnado empowers SMEs through algorithm-based roadmaps and fixed scope services, driving effective digital marketing strategies.

Zonex Network: Crafting Entertainment for All Platforms

Zonex Network specializes in developing mobile applications, PC & Mobile games, providing enjoyable experiences for users worldwide.

Size&Me: AI Solutions for the Fashion Industry

Size&Me revolutionizes the textile and fashion industry with cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions, enhancing personalization and efficiency.

JETLEXA: Simplifying Digital Contract Management

JETLEXA offers a digital contract platform that simplifies contract management and enhances collaboration for businesses.

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Cyclizm: Leading the Green Tech Revolution

Cyclizm combines SaaS, green hydrogen, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence to foster sustainability and carbon reduction.

Inspakt: Building Trust in the Service Industry

Inspakt’s digital platform fosters transparency between businesses and customers, building trust in the service industry.

egaranti: Simplifying Warranty Management

egaranti provides cloud-based warranty solutions for companies, empowering consumers to manage their warranty processes effortlessly.

Woto: Empowering Visual Search

Woto is a visual search company that leverages advanced technology to simplify and enhance visual search experiences.

Konoom: Enabling Local Search and Reputation Management

Konoom facilitates digital location, local search, and reputation management, making it easier for businesses to connect with their local customers.

Platform Istanbul: The Gateway to SuperApps and Citizen Services

Platform Istanbul is a versatile service provider, offering SuperApp solutions and startup marketplaces that cater to diverse needs.

Ratic: Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Ratic is a dynamic GameTech startup, driving innovation in the gaming industry with its groundbreaking solutions.

Tosby Games: Creating Memorable Gaming Experiences

Tosby Games develops exceptional games and software applications for mobile devices, leaving a lasting impression on gamers worldwide.


Istanbul, Turkey, is a thriving hub for software innovation, home to a diverse range of companies that are reshaping industries through cutting-edge solutions. From revolutionizing digital marketing to enhancing gaming experiences and driving sustainability, these 15 software companies are at the forefront of technology and shaping the future of their respective fields. As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive in Istanbul, we can expect even more groundbreaking ventures to emerge, adding to the city’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

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