What Are Japan’s Most Influential Internet Startups Transforming Tech in 2023?

The land of the rising sun has a lot to offer than just skyscrapers, sushi and sakura. This vibrant nation, known for its innovative technologies and unique products is now witnessing a surge in internet-based startups. These startups are not only disrupting traditional business models but also opening a sea of opportunities for consumers globally. A lot of these startups are bringing in inventive and unparalleled services to the internet, setting an entirely new benchmark in their respective industries. Here, we present you with an exclusive list of some of these cutting-edge internet startups from Japan.

A gamut of industries from fashion to food, education to technology, is leveraging the power of the internet to bring convenience, value, and novelty for its consumers. These startups mark a tremendous shift in the business ecosystem, proving that no matter how diverse or distinctive a business maybe, the internet has the power to augment its reach and impact. So, let’s dive headfirst and explore some of these trailblazing internet startups from Japan.

As we showcase each startup, we will look into what they do, their unique selling proposition, products, services and the industry they are serving. So, without further ado, let’s get started and delve into the dynamic world of these Japanese startups.


SignTime is revolutionizing the way businesses perform their contract services. Embedded in the modern concept of e-contracts, their service allows businesses to reduce time, increase efficiency, and rule out any need for paperwork.

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The online yoga learning platform YAGO is a perfect blend of technology and wellness. It’s an initiative towards making yoga learning accessible to all, irrespective of geographical boundaries.


The future of office spaces is here with OPSION. This internet company has developed virtual offices that function seamlessly on cloud offerings.


Pocketle is a web service platform that brings consumers, services, and information under one umbrella. It is a one-stop destination for all your needs.


With Neautech, online beauty experiences have taken a new dimension. Their application not only provides online beauty consultations but also advises on suitable beauty products.

Priv Tech

Ensuring privacy in the digital world, Priv Tech specializes in the field of privacy tech business. Their solutions are aimed at preserving individual’s privacy in the digital space.


Globaliz is a one-stop solution provider for planning, development, distribution, and management of websites and web contents.

Crown Sitter

Crown Sitter isn’t just a babysitting service, it is a learning platform for your young ones that focuses on holistic early childhood education.


BizTech stands as a reliable partner in catering to web marketing, AI construction, and web system construction support services.


LeanGo specializes in the field of web media and service improvement business, carving a niche in transformative internet solutions for businesses.


From software development to smartphone applications, Nasso comprises of a wide range of IT services, contributing greatly to the digital sphere.


n,inc. is an internet business planning and development company that helps in bringing ideas to life in the digital world.

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Metaps One

Metaps One is an Internet Advertising business, making digital advertisements effective and efficient for businesses.


Piic is a sharing community where creators can conveniently rent the equipment they need to thrive in their respective fields.

Food-e GK

Adding convenience to the food industry, Food-e GK is delivering meals from restaurants right to your doorstep in Tokyo.

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