Which Information Services Startups are Transforming Japan’s Business Landscape?

Japan is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovative startups. This reputation extends into the realm of Information Services, where numerous Japanese startups and companies are making impressive strides. These firms are transforming the way we access and manipulate information, whether it is for business, tourism, healthcare, or environmental purposes. From creating an electronic medical record system for cattle to delivering semi-autonomous hospitalization guidance solutions, these businesses are also uniquely Japanese in their focuses and solutions. Here are 15 Japanese Information Services startups and companies that are worth knowing about.

Koala Tech Japan

As an innovative high-tech startup, Koala Tech is making significant advancements in the information services sector in Japan. The company provides comprehensive solutions to its diverse range of clients, showcasing their devising capabilities. They are recognized for their dedication to clients, collaborative work approach, and tech-driven solutions.

Toyota Systems

Toyota Systems supports the global IT strategies of Toyota Group companies. With their expertise and understanding of information technologies, they are committed to creating systems and solutions that cater to the diverse and complex needs of the Toyota conglomerate.


A leader in app development, toypo aims to enhance customer engagement by turning them into fans. They do this by developing highly interactive and creative apps, providing enriching and unique experiences worth sharing.


Specializing in the provision of information site planning and operation for pharmacists, Smaster is making strides in bringing valuable information closer to pharmacists. Their website is one trusted platform where pharmacists can get updated information about pharmaceutical developments globally.

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Reright is an information technology company that provides several information processing services. Access their services at reright.jp. Reright’s strength lies in decoding the complexity associated with information technology and making it accessible to the common home user or startup business-man.


Thermalytica specialises in the production, research, development, marketing, and provision of advice for heat insulating and heat shielding materials. They are passionate about creating safe and efficient insulation materials and continuously research and develop their products.


VETELL provides an innovative electronic medical record system that allows veterinarians and farmers to share individual information about cattle. This revolutionary software ensures accurate tracking and monitoring of the animals’ health status, facilitating early identification and treatment of any health issues.


A digital solution company, MAPPLE offers digital map and tourist information data. Their services prove more than helpful for tourists who can now explore places independently without getting lost or missing out on major attractions.


Fant provides a platform to share information and skills beyond regional borders for hunters. This innovative app connects hunters worldwide and fosters a sense of community.

EFG Technologies

At the forefront of innovative work, EFG technologies constantly pushes boundaries with their advanced information services solutions. Their implementations play a crucial role in enhancing business operations and productivity levels.


Specializing in B2B lead generation, Plaxton has curated techniques and strategies that deliver on its promises. Their team expertise encompass finding, identifying, and accessing businesses globally for generating potential leads.


OPeRe is an IT company that specializes in the development of semi-autonomous hospitalization guidance solutions. Their innovative approach in the healthcare industry offers enhanced patient care experiences and boosts the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.

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AsetZ is dedicated to developing services aimed at organizing information that tends to be buried in individuals, aiming to create a conducive environment. Their website is available at asetz.jp.


BOSSES specializes in information collection service businesses. They are committed to collecting accurate, relevant, and reliable data to meet their clients’ needs. Their unique and efficient services are among the top in the information industry.


J-Tama’s provides valuable information on new courses and information that reflect the real-life dynamics of IT companies. Their website is j-tamas.com. J-Tama’s strives to bridge the gap in IT knowledge by providing critical insights and resources to aspiring IT professionals in Japan and beyond.

These Information Services startups and companies from Japan represent the marriage of innovation and tradition, contributing majorly to the tech-driven global landscape. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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