What Are Leading Advertising Platform Startups Influencing US Market in 2023?

The digital advertising industry is getting more interesting with each passing minute. With new startups joining the market, we get to see new innovative advertising platforms that are revolutionizing the way businesses reach out to their target audience. Here’s a list of some exciting advertising platform startups and companies based in the United States that are making a significant impact in the industry.

These startups are creatively using technology to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives with ease and efficiency. Their novel approaches to advertising are disrupting traditional methodologies and setting new industry standards. Let’s dive in and explore these startups in detail.

Below you will find each company along with a brief description, their website links, and their contribution to the advertising platforms industry. For easy navigation, we’ve grouped the companies under individual subheadings.

HIVE Diversity

HIVE Diversity is an interactive virtual recruiting platform that aids in the engagement process between companies and one community of students and recent graduates. This strategic approach provides companies with an innovative advertising platform to market themselves to potential future employees.


ShiftNOW enhances the brand-building process with its uniquely developed software platform. It provides companies with a distinctive edge in promoting their brands efficiently.


Nickelytics is moving advertising forward. Their modern and fresh approach to marketing helps businesses stand out in the busy, ever-growing advertising landscape.

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Sports Gambling Guides

Sports Gambling Guides is a certified marketing affiliate promoting legal sports betting sites throughout the United States. They use ingenious ways to showcase advertisers to a responsive and enthusiastic audience.

Aequus Ads

Aequus Ads is a SaaS-based in-app bidding and mediation platform. They are revolutioning the mobile advertising field with their smart and strategic platform.


Primer is a business to business marketing company offering bespoke marketing solutions. Their innovative strategies help businesses get noticed and enhance their marketing capabilities.


Rippler is a full-service creative digital marketing platform based out of Delaware. They offer a wide range of creative and digital solutions to help brands excel in their marketing efforts.


eBumps is a mobile advertising platform that uses location data and inventiveness to provide rapid and targeted advertisements. This approach helps businesses attain high levels of engagement and conversion rates.

Jackie AI

Jackie AI simplifies lead generation for SMBs with its online platform. Their services improve the way businesses attract and interact with potential clients.


Fullreach provides Customer Acquisition as a Service (CAaaS). They help scaling startups and disruptive digital businesses gain more customers and increase their market shares.


AdsPostX generates more value for online retailers from e-commerce publishers and cultivates potential customers for retailers. They streamline the process of customer acquisition and increase conversion rates.


Real Web Media is a self-serve platform for buying and selling ads on the web and mobile devices. Their user-friendly platform enhances the advertising experience for both buyers and sellers.


ZIRO is a socially responsible ride-sharing service that doubles as an advertising platform. They provide businesses with a unique way to reach out to prospective customers.

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Coinbound is a Crypto and Web3 Marketing Agency. They help businesses in the innovative tech space get the word out about their products and services.


Wallit is a modern digital wallet for the modern workplace, which also serves as an advertising space for businesses. They provide businesses with a fresh way to reach their audience.

These exciting startups and companies are redefining the advertising industry with their innovative platforms. By leveraging technology to provide smart and strategic advertising solutions, they help businesses achieve their goals and grow.

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