Which Ascendant 3D Tech Startups Are Transforming US Businesses Today?

As technology keeps evolving, startups are revolutionizing various industries with groundbreaking 3D technologies. This article explores 15 promising American startups that are pushing the edges of innovation in the 3D technology field, with applications ranging from virtual reality to housing and medicine. These companies demonstrate the diversity, creativity, and potential of 3D technology, providing a glimpse into how it’s transforming our daily lives.

One common factor connects these tech startups: the utilization of 3D technology to create novel products and services. Although they operate in different industries, these firms are all harnessing the power of 3D technology to disrupt traditional operations and offer unprecedented solutions. Get acquainted with their groundbreaking work as we delve into each company’s unique offerings.

Below is a selection of 15 standout American companies in the 3D technology space. Each company’s profile includes its website, a brief description, the industry in which it operates, and its location. All of the included startups are based in the United States.

Neon Flux

Neon Flux leverages proprietary technology to create data-driven solutions. They emphasize centralized services and belong to the 3D technology sector.

Aetos Imaging

Specializing in 3D scanning technology, Aetos Imaging transforms physical spaces into digital marketing tools. Their work resides at the intersection of spatial awareness and digital marketing.


NOWHERE has developed a social platform that strengthens communities by fostering virtual face-to-face interactions in a 3D environment.

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Black Buffalo 3D

Promoting sustainable 3D construction, Black Buffalo 3D has built business lines dedicated to providing related supplies and services. Their objective is to use 3D technology to support a greener future.

Alquist 3D

Using 3D printing technology, Alquist 3D fosters innovative design solutions while reducing the cost of housing and infrastructure for many.


Vitro3D designs volumetric 3D printing solutions, thus producing dental aligners and creating platforms for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering.

Cross-Metaverse Avatars

Constructing cross-metaverse avatars with digital components from various creators, Cross-Metaverse Avatars exemplifies the creative possibilities of 3D technology.


PainScan offers a digital health platform that sheds light on chronic pain patterns through 3D visualization.


Arium has created a browser-based platform that allows users to generate, share, and attend 3D exhibition spaces, thereby opening doors to new ways of communication and interaction.

Katmai Tech

Katmai Tech is a software startup that designs a cloud-based 3D video conferencing platform, thus taking digital communication to another level.


PreVision pioneers in producing wide-area motion imaging through small unmanned aerial systems.


Specializing in art and media, Paiksaehyun pushes the boundaries of the creative application of 3D technology.


SURREAL Events utilizes 3D technology to create custom virtual environments where audiences can experience unique events.


A frontrunner in providing 3D and AR/VR content creation tools, MindCoord is extending the reach of 3D technology into various industries.


MockRocket, a software company, develops applications with cinematic 3D tools, offers prototype services, and creates enticing mockup videos.

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