Which Software Startups Are Transforming Egypt’s Tech Landscape in 2023?

Egypt’s startup scene is booming with numerous emerging software companies. From artificial intelligence to property tech, these startups are reshaping industries and modernizing the Egyptian economy. We’re delighted to shine a spotlight on these exceptional startups making revolutionary strides in the software sphere.

Living in the digital age, our life is intertwined with software technology. These 15 Egyptian companies are not only fascinating but are also showcasing the potential of software technology in diverse arenas, proving the vitality it brings to the economy and the various ways it continues to make life increasingly efficient for us.

We invite you to explore their stories, their innovations, and their dedication to creating cutting-edge software solutions. Regardless of their area of specialization, these companies demonstrate the limitless potential of the software industry.


Vais.ai is a deep-tech company that develops innovative and proprietary AI/deep learning algorithms and solutions. Vais is transforming the way deep-tech works with their innovative algorithms, proving their vitality in Egypt’s software industry. Visit their website to learn more.


Boyot is a Cloud Property Management Solution that accepts Payments Online Easily from Credit Cards, wallets, etc. It streamlines the payment process for property management, making transactions simpler and more secure. Visit their website to learn more.


Xpovi is spearheading automated business planning in the software industry. Their innovative solutions and techniques are making business planning more efficient and productive. Visit their website for further insights.

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3atlana provides convenient car services including road assistance, maintenance, and car enhancements. It makes car owners’ lives easier by offering useful and accessible services. Check out their website for more.

Power Bank Stations

The tech-based company Power Bank Stations offers charging solutions to help smart devices owners stay connected. This innovative company knows the significance of being connected in this digital age. Explore more on their website.


Trim is an application offering salon and hairdresser appointment services. It makes booking beauty services more hassle-free. Find more about them on their website.


Leveraging AI and ML, Empoweronomics provides end-to-end business solutions to real estate consultants. It is changing the face of property tech with its advanced solutions. Explore more on their website.

Connect Plus10 LTD

Connect Plus10 LTD specializes in data processing, hosting, and related activities. It also offers advertising services. Learn more about their services on their website.


TechieMatter is a technical recruitment web solution. Their innovative software solutions are assisting companies to recruit the best talent. Dive into their offerings on their website.


Venu provides software solutions for hospitality-related companies. It enables ordering, analytics, and marketing solutions. Check out their website for further information.


DPLYR aims to make the DevOps experience easier for developers. Their innovative approach and solutions are transforming the software development process. Visit their website to get more insights.


Ostafandy specializes in mobile app development, contributing to Egypt’s software industry’s growth. Find more about their innovative solutions on their website.

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Wickks is a marketplace with a shopping experience based on Augmented reality and AI. It’s revolutionizing online shopping with its innovative approach. Learn more about their offerings on their website.


SplendApp is a mobile app builder catering to the popular e-commerce platforms globally. Their No-Code Builder is designed for Non-Technical People. Explore more about their approach on their website.


Hekouky is an online legal technology company that digitizes the user’s experience in registering companies and trademarks. They are modernizing legal processes with their online solutions. Visit their website to dive deeper into their work.

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