Which Are The Most Influential Internet Startups Transforming Egypt’s Economy?

Egypt, historically known for its rich culture and pyramids, is now making a mark in the world of Internet startups. Its tactical geographical position and tech-savvy populace are positioning it as a major player in the field of Internet technology. In this article, we take a close look at 15 of these extraordinary companies, taking the innovation scale to new heights.

The Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem has seen a dramatic shift in the last decade. The industry has grown fourfold since the tech boom, propelled by the need for online solutions and services in this digital era. Today, we highlight a diverse range of startups that have made significant strides. From an e-learning platform to courier services, each one is a testament to Egypt’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s get started and take a stroll down Egypt’s Internet startup boulevard to discover these spectacular companies and innovative platforms that are contributing to the global tech scene and changing the face of Egypt’s online services.


Zr3i.com is a pioneer in the field of digital agriculture, providing Saas services for the Arab world. This unique platform blends Internet services with Agriculture, showcasing Egypt’s versatile digital solutions and is truly a first of its kind.


qarenly.net is a financial comparison website that helps users understand the costs and features of a wide variety of financial products. It is helping Egyptians make informed financial decisions, reducing the burden of complex financial management.

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Buffet is an innovative mobile app that concentrates on providing catering, event set-ups, and hospitality services. It is an all-in-one service aiming to revolutionize the hospitality industry in Egypt.

Crafty Workshop

Crafty Workshop offers online technical lessons and pedagogical workshops designed specifically for artisans and craftspeople. This educational online platform is delivering new skills to people’s doorsteps.


LearnKhana is an Arabic e-learning platform specifically designed to cater the educational needs of the Arab world. It epitomizes the blend of language, culture, and technology.


Tays is a networking app facilitating professional user to user connections. It is opening new avenues for professionals to network and collaborate.


Marcqa is an online retailer specialized in streetwear and sneakers. It’s burgeoning name in Egypt’s e-commerce industry, providing trendy and quality products to its customers.


Bringi is a courier service that features a mobile application for ordering, pickup and delivering products. This platform takes the inconvenience out of courier services, making the process seamless and efficient for businesses and users.

Hoopoe Digital

Hoopoe Digital is a Wi-Fi Marketplace, providing digital solutions to Egypt’s digital needs. It’s playing a significant role in Egypt’s internet industry, connecting many to the digital world.

Giza Apps

Giza Apps is a tech-solution firm that specializes in mobile development, online development, and e-marketing. It is making tech solutions accessible and understandable to the layman.


IMBoX is revolutionizing the storage solutions industry by building smart lockers for different market segments. The company aims to provide secure, tech-enabled storage solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

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Linesbox provides a revolutionary HR app that manages the entire employee’s lifecycle in one application. An end-to-end solution for HR management, Linesbox is transforming Egypt’s HR practices.

Leaf Animals

Leaf Animals connects animals in need with potential caregivers. It is a noble service leveraging the internet to provide shelter and care for animals in need.


Crycl, another innovative Internet service-based company, is part of the rapidly growing tech industry in Egypt, offering its unique and (as yet) undisclosed services.

Grozil Technology

Grozil Technology is a firm that zeroes in on analyzing pirate techniques, always in the process of designing new lineups aimed at shielding and preserving artistic creations.

Indeed, each company listed above is a concrete testament to Egypt’s drive towards digital innovation. From e-commerce to digital learning platforms to technology solutions, these startups are paving the way to a new digital era in Egypt.

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