What are Nigeria’s Most Influential EdTech Startups Shaping Education in 2023?

Nigeria is currently experiencing an innovative boom in the education technology (EdTech) industry. Companies are leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and other advanced tools to revolutionize learning and education management. Lets delve into some of these dynamic startups that are restructuring the education landscape.

These EdTech companies are not only advancing education within Nigerian borders but also presenting viable learning solutions for the Sub-Saharan region. With a focus on various aspects, from primary education to professional skill development, they are set to make a significant impact in the education sector.

In this article, we explore the following 15 standout EdTech startups, delving into the unique solutions they provide and their vision for implementing technology towards advancing education in Nigeria.


Gradely.ng is an EdTech company that uses analytics and data-driven recommendations to help schools and parents intervene in real-time to children’s learning gaps. Find out more about their work at www.gradely.ng


Inspiring the future of education in Sub-Saharan Africa, Tespire by JD Lab is shaping the way learning and teaching is done. Visit their website at www.tespire.co

Shac & Bango

Addressing Nigeria’s education using Information Technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4 is Shac & Bango. To learn more about their initiatives, visit www.shacandbango.com.ng


DABA is transforming online education in Africa, offering global skills in high demand. Check them out at www.daba.school

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With an innovative approach towards online education, SabiTeach is making a mark in the EdTech industry. Find out more at www.sabiteach.com


Schoola’s platform offers a gamified learning experience and AI-powered generation engine for lesson preparation. Discover more at www.schoola.app


With a blend of digital and physical learning methodologies, Schoolinka is developing the capacity of educators. Learn more at www.schoolinka.ng


AlumUnite builds a platform for organizing alumni and “crowd-resourcing” education in Africa transparently and sustainably. Visit their website at www.alumunite.co


Talemia promotes early stage African startups through Micro-Execution. For more about their initiatives, visit www.talemia.com


Learnxplore is creating dynamic solutions for the African market through education technology. Check them out at www.learnxplore.com


NVIT develops and places top-tier remote software developers, DevOps, and cloud engineering talents. Explore more at www.nvit.tech

Axia Africa

Axia Africa empowers African youths to take charge of their digital future. To learn more, visit www.axia.africa


Ustacky provides specialized coding training, industry-relevant programming skills, and software development courses. Visit their site at www.ustacky.com


Opticsms offers an Enterprise Resource Planning model which automates school processes and records from enrolment to graduation. Learn more at www.opticsms.com.ng


Last but not least, bbcmgtAI, a digital technology company offers an array of solutions in the technology sphere, providing services in EdTech, AgriTech, and FinTech. To find out more about their services, visit www.bbcmgtai.com

Challenging traditional education systems, these Nigerian startups embody the synergy between innovation and education. They are set to propel Nigeria’s education sector into a future where learning is driven by technology, innovation, and global relevance. It’s an exciting time for education in Nigeria, and these startups are at the forefront of this educational revolution.

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