Which FinTech Startups are Shaping Nigeria’s Financial Landscape in 2023?

The Nigerian financial technology (FinTech) landscape is experiencing unprecedented growth. The FinTech startups in this country are riding the wave of technological advancements and creating innovative solutions directed towards making financial services more accessible and easy to use. From insurance to payment solutions, lending to asset exchange, these FinTech companies are injecting new energy into the banking system, attracting attention from global investors, and revolutionizing how business transactions are conducted. Featured below are 15 skilled Nigerian FinTech companies that are leading the charge, distinguishing themselves by their innovative offerings, and changing the face of financial services in Africa.


Veend brings to the scene embedded finance infrastructure targeting Africa. This FinTech innovation changes the narrative of financial transactions, promoting ease and flexibility. Veend’s services are particularly essential in ensuring fluid business transactions across Africa.


Bongalow is a mobile-driven home financing platform that lets Africans hunt for the best home loans. This company is making strides in making real estate purchase more affordable for Africans at home and abroad.


Numero is redefining banking in Africa. Their innovative banking infrastructure provides the key to easy and efficient business transactions in Africa, pushing the boundaries of the banking system.


MyCover.ai is a game changer in the insurance industry. It offers an open insurance API, enabling businesses to incorporate insurance into existing products and services, thereby enhancing business growth and customer satisfaction.

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Casava focuses on making insurance available for income earners. This FinTech startup is working to ensure everyone, especially income earners, can get insurance coverage easily.


Through credit solutions, Swipe‘s platform powers businesses by enabling business growth and expansion. Their innovative approach to credit distribution is making Swipe a strong player in the Nigerian Fintech landscape.


1app provides a single platform for all payments at the most affordable rates. Their service simplifies the payment process, enabling businesses to conduct transactions easily and cheaply.


Tomxcredit works to empower individuals and business owners with quick and affordable credit and savings product. The startup is increasingly setting itself apart in the crowded field of FinTech.


FLITBASE empowers individuals and businesses to readily accept and integrate blockchain technology. This is a step towards creating a more inclusive and technologically advanced financial ecosystem for Nigerians.


SeerBit is a Pan-African payment solution company focusing on making payments borderless, seamless, and inclusive. Their platform is tailored to encourage smooth, easy and less restrictive financial transactions across Africa.


FinPadi is a FinTech company working to provide access to financial tools while eliminating predatory fees. They aim to empower customers across Africa with easy-to-use, affordable, and efficient financial transactions.


Obiex is a digital asset exchange and FinTech firm. These services make Obiex an important part of the financial technology revolution taking place in Nigeria.


AjoBank offers a decentralized Software-as-a-service solution that provides access to reliable financial services for the unbanked. They are making financial services more accessible to all Nigerians.

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Mikro is a digital payment start-up offering services to customers and micro-businesses alike. Their platform encourages fast, easy and secure digital transactions.


ErrandPay uses innovative technology to provide payment solutions for urban areas. Their services are instrumental in bringing a modern touch to urban transactions.

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