Which Are France’s Top Thriving Influential E-Commerce Startups in 2023?

France, the land of love, art, and culture, is also home to some of the most innovative e-commerce startups in the world. Accelerated by advancements in technology and the need for digitization, these French startups are blazing new trails, challenging the traditional brick and mortar businesses, and introducing new ways for consumers to buy and sell goods and services. This article takes a closer look at some of the unique, interesting and growing e-commerce startups that are shaping the infrastructure of the French economic landscape.

These startups aren’t just innovating; they’re disrupting and revolutionising their respective industries with their innovative business models, technologies, and services. From snowboard gear to eco-friendly products, local dining experiences, vintage furniture, luxury sneakers, and so much more, these startups cater to a wide variety of needs and preferences, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the French e-commerce scene.

In this feature, we’ll be showcasing 15 of the most interesting and unique e-commerce startups hailing from France. We will delve into what they do, how they’re innovating, and why they’re making an impact in their respective industries.


Barooders is an online store that sells a diverse array of sports and outdoor gear, ranging from snowboard jackets and running shoes to bikes and related accessories. With a seamlessly optimized e-commerce platform, Barooders makes outdoor shopping just a click away.


Bynd is a SaaS platform that enables businesses to create online marketplaces. By providing necessary tools and technology, it empowers entrepreneurs to start their online ventures swiftly and effortlessly.

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Mamaz Social Food

Mamaz Social Food revolutionizes the way we approach eating and travelling by connecting food enthusiasts with local cooks around the world for an authentic and social dining experience.


Ecopresto is a B2B marketplace that provides eco-designed, ethical, and ecological products. They’re proving that businesses can both be profitable and environmentally sustainable.


Squamate, based in Lyon, offers a remarkable collection of sneakers, establishing itself as a premier online footwear destination for the sneaker enthusiasts.


Reborn is creating ripples in the e-commerce world with its platform for buying and selling second-hand furniture and decoration products based on video descriptions.


Storybee offers digital services for eCommerce platforms, assisting businesses with their buying and selling operations to ensure seamless transactions and astonishing customer experience.


AirCampus is a mobile app offering young consumers discounts when they shop online and in-store, putting fair prices at their fingertips.


Osée is a beauty and cosmetics online store that brings exciting products from international brands to French consumers.


LiveMarket assists winemakers in optimizing their direct sales process through their SaaS solution, fusing tradition with technology.


Coover is an online brokerage that helps professionals find the best insurance contracts for their businesses, simplifying business insurances for entrepreneurs.


Diago digitizes the buying and stocking process of retailers through its unified platform, saving time, enhancing productivity and reducing errors for businesses.

Limited Resell

Limited Resell is the go-to marketplace for sneaker enthusiasts to buy and sell limited edition sneakers in just 3 clicks.

Save Market

Save Market supports companies in the management of their old equipment, providing a sustainable solution to technological waste.

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Unify Group

Unify Group offers a blend of media and e-commerce services to clients, creating customised solutions catering to their diverse needs.

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