Which French Cyber Security Startups Shaped the Industry in 2023?

France, in striving to become a hub for tech startups, has become home to many innovative cybersecurity companies. These startups offer everything from security software development to risk management. The country’s commitment to digital security has made it a hotspot for emerging technologies in this field. Here are 15 cybersecurity startups in France that deserve recognition.

Security plays a crucial role in today’s digitised and interconnected world. From individuals to large corporations, everyone requires robust cybersecurity measures to protect their digital assets, identities, and transactions. Following are the French companies leading this industry.

These startups are not only making significant contributions in the field of cyber security, but also providing a wide range of creative and effective solutions to a broad range of security challenges both at the individual and corporate level.


Based in France, GLIMPS develops artificial intelligence-powered cybersecurity software. Their products are designed to identify and deal with malware and threats, providing an extra layer of security for users.


Tenacy is a SaaS platform that provides better Compliance and Risk Management. Its intuitive platform helps businesses to maintain a proper security posture and stay on top of their compliance requirements.


Legapass is a cybersecurity company that offers digital currency and digital data backup. The company aims to secure people’s digital footprints and ensure their data and digital assets remain safe.

Smart Global Governance

The Smart Global Governance platform offers out-of-the-box Integrated Risk Management modules to achieve better compliance, more effective communication and more risk-based management.

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Shelblock is known for its effective anti-advertising software. Aside from blocking ads, it also prevents access to inappropriate content for children and blocks trackers.

La Plateforme_

La Plateforme_ is a provider of cyber security, web coding, and artificial intelligence services. They aim to boost the digital security posture of businesses with their wide range of services.


Merox provides DNS Security & DMARC solutions. The company’s services help organisations strengthen their security posture, adopt the latest DNS techs and remain compliant.


An IT company located in France, AUCAE provides cybersecurity services and solutions to secure digital assets.


Chimere offers a next-generation stealth remote access solution. It provides a robust, dynamic and user-friendly solution to meet various cybersecurity challenges.


Combining financial, regulatory, and security expertise, CyberFortis brings insight into the financial industry’s cyber landscape. It aims to provide a better understanding of the cybersecurity risks and threats within the industry.


Kamae develops security awareness training software. This cybersecurity company is focused on educating users about potential digital threats to help them stay safe online.


Thousand Guards designs and develops IT and security solutions for large enterprises. Their service portfolio is designed to meet the growing cybersecurity needs of big organisations.


Arkangel is the next generation solution for security and threat intelligence. This innovative startup proactively prepares users for the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

WordPress Pirate

WordPress Pirate specialises in repairing WordPress sites that have been hacked. They provide a swift and effective solution to get your site back up and running.

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Talent LIF

Talent LIF is an IT management firm that offers web hosting, big data, cloud computing, web design, cybersecurity, and software solutions, providing a 360-degree digital service.

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