Which Are Leading Identity Management Startups Reshaping USA’s Tech Landscape?

Welcome to this week’s edition of StartupBubble.News, where we highly focus on identity management startups and companies making waves in the United States. It’s an undeniably crucial area in a world that’s continually shifting towards digitalisation, and these companies are at the forefront of ensuring digital identities stay secure.

Identity management primarily deals with technological systems for managing individual principal characters in a networked system, such as a country’s internet. This involves identifying individuals in the system and controlling their access to resources by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.

Today, we highlight 15 US-based companies specializing in identity management, innovatively protecting and managing digital identities across various arenas. Let’s get started!


Hush helps families protect their digital identities with their digital privacy management services. Being one of the few providers in this niche, Hush takes a family-oriented approach to digital identity protection.

Animal ID

Animal ID is an intriguing platform that operates in the pet ownership industry, a b2b2c platform for both pet owners and manufacturers of pet products.


Validide uses cryptographic-based mechanisms to offer a decentralized identity wallet system. The idea is to allow you to control and share your personal information safely and securely.


Entitle aims to balance access rights across organisations, helping IT/DevOps gain serenity, Security gets control, and employees get necessary access through automated permissions.

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Endpoint Utility

Endpoint Utility provides a full-service tech support model, solving security, cloud software, and hardware-related issues with its innovative identity management system.


Xactus is spearheading identity verification in the mortgage industry, ensuring security and trust play a central role in their operations.


Pukka uses blockchain to combat fraud in the pet industry, providing verification of birth-to-sale data for breeders, pet buyers, and pet owners.


DIRO is an open banking platform with full global coverage, making it a pioneering force in identity management within banking.


FYEO, a Web3 cybersecurity company, enables web projects and ecosystems to identify, manage, and mitigate cyber threats through its platform.


CLEARED4 is a cloud-based Covid Health Verification Platform, providing identity management in the health sector by verifying Covid-19 related information.

Vault Vision

Vault Vision is an user authentication platform for modern web & mobile apps, built with industry-leading security and passwordless login convenience for users.


Dip is a mobile application that fosters users’ control over their digital identity management. The focus here is on giving power back to the user.


iDiFi, short for Identification Digital Fintech, is positioning itself as the future of KYC Verification, ensuring secure transfers of personal identity information in financial transactions.


BritePool provides identity verification for advertisers to publishers by creating Google-level identities without the need for third-party cookies.

TruAnon digital identity

TruAnon prioritizes building trust between community members by giving control over how they share and view each other’s legitimacy.

Identity management is a rapidly growing field and these startups are leading the charge. Their innovative products and services are helping to safeguard our digital identities while keeping us connected and protected. Stay tuned for more startup updates in the future editions of StartupBubble.News.

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