Which Belgian Blockchain Startups Are Pioneering Industry Innovations in 2023?

Belgium, a country renowned for its medieval towns and Renaissance architecture, may not set the pace in global tech innovations, but it is gradually finding its ground in the emerging blockchain industry. Belgian blockchain startups are introducing groundbreaking products and services that leverage an array of distributed ledger technologies to provide solutions across different sectors, from music to dentistry and everything in between. Here, we take a closer look at fifteen such companies, highlighting what makes them unique in the burgeoning field of blockchain technology.

Each of the listed companies leverages blockchain’s core benefits–transparency, security, immutability, and decentralization–to disrupt traditional models or create innovative products. Despite the technological novelty, these companies mostly focus on solving everyday problems and have achieved significant strides within a relatively short time.

This list encompasses companies in diverse industries, ranging from music to procurement, dentistry, trading, and more, all of whom have adopted the disruptive technology to optimize their operations or services. These companies typify the growing trend in Belgium’s blockchain innovation ecosystem and contribute to the global blockchain conversations.


PlayTreks is a unique platform that integrates web2 and web3 to offer unlimited metadata for music, empowering users to distribute music, track radio airplay, create NFTs, and protect their copyrights on the blockchain.


Envoy is another innovative startup without a dedicated website. It has quickly gained reputation in the blockchain space. Their unique service allows users to manage their favorite non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within one profile, offering convenience and order in the ever-expanding NFT sphere.

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Tioga Capital Partners

As a blockchain-focused venture capital firm, Tioga Capital Partners is helping other blockchain startups get their footing, facilitating the growth and development of the ecosystem.


Dentaverse is a Web3 gateway for dentistry, connecting students, universities, professionals, and suppliers in 3D and virtual reality, revolutionizing the way we think about and access dental services.


With a AI-driven marketplace, Ruddy allows consumers to purchase meals tailored to their dietary requirements, allergies, and caloric intake, creating a simplified and customisable food ordering experience.

4C Trading

In the competitive crypto trading space, 4C Trading differentiates itself by offering a cryptocurrency platform that operates around the clock, providing users with constant access to trading opportunities.

Procurement Freelancers

Procurement Freelancers leverages blockchain to connect procurement professionals to businesses in need of specialized purchasing support, simplifying the recruitment and selection process.

Musca Capital

Driven by algorithms, Musca Capital focuses its trading efforts on the crypto markets, providing efficient and effective trading services for its users.


ChainCo offers a unique SaaS blockchain service designed for the cryptocurrency market. Check them out here.


Logion provides unparalleled legal protection for digital assets and transactions, showcasing blockchain’s capacity to bolster legal security in the digital space.


As a nonprofit association, INATBA helps organizations navigate the often complex field of blockchain applications and facilitates the growth of the blockchain ecosystem.


Hallar has developed an advanced system for translating millions of financial market events, bringing a new level of understanding to the way markets behave.


Napcat.io merges Twitter with trusted crypto brokers, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies based on news signals. They also offer automation bots for ease of trading.

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Be Blockchain

Be Blockchain is a consultancy and development company dedicated to helping businesses understand and implement blockchain solutions.


WalChain operates a network of blockchain developers aimed at promoting the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.

As blockchain technology advances, so does Belgium’s exciting suite of blockchain startups. These companies are not only pushing the envelope in their respective industries but also contributing to the global growth and understanding of blockchain’s potential.

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