Who are Belgium’s AI Powerhouses Shaping the Future of Automation?

In recent years, Belgium has increasingly become a hotbed of innovation in the artificial intelligence (AI) domain, with several startups leading the charge. Known for its forward-thinking and entrepreneurial climate, the European country is home to a burgeoning ecosystem of emerging tech companies. This article will spotlight a selection of Belgium’s most exciting AI startups and illuminate their contributions in various industries—from healthcare and transportation to logistics, real estate, and more.

These Belgian AI startups demonstrate not only the incredible innovation capacity of the small European nation but also the endless potential of AI itself. With applications ranging from automated customer service and logistics optimization to health tech and real estate, the possibilities are truly limitless. This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather serves as a sampling of the kind of exceptional work being done in the country’s AI space.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these startups and their fascinating work, all driven by artificial intelligence.


OTIV is an AI-driven startup enhancing the safety and efficiency of railway transport in complex environments. Leveraging advanced AI technology, OTIV focuses on teaching vehicles to drive autonomously—a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize the transport industry.


AxonJay is a self-machine-learning platform that monitors company behaviours within their digital ecosystem. With a key focus on ‘Green AI’, AxonJay is driving sustainability and efficiency across digital landscapes.

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Novable is an AI-powered startup and innovation scouting technology assisting businesses in their quest to find innovative companies. With the effective application of artificial intelligence, Novable is breaking new ground in corporate innovation sourcing.


MONA.health is turning heads with its AI-based screening tools that identify and cure illnesses from the comfort of a patient’s doorstep. Among its comprehensive suite of tools is an eye scan solution that’s shaping the future of healthcare.


uman.ai leverages artificial intelligence to empower teams with knowledge. This innovative startup is focused on enhancing workers’ efficiency and capabilities.

Orion Intelligence

As a Saas company, Orion Intelligence specializes in customer service automation using industry-specific AI. The startup’s solutions are streamlining the customer service experience for businesses far and wide.

Monimmo AI

Monimmo AI is transforming the real estate sector with its smart marketplace. Equipped with AI technology, the platform aids in complex real estate decision-making.


Offering high productivity enterprise apps, Hight.io promotes deep collaboration within teams through the use of AI technology.


Defining the meeting point of technology and lifestyle, Nobi has created an AI-powered smart lamp.


Optioryx is shaping the future of supply chain by offering logistics optimization services. The startup’s AI-driven solutions are greatly reducing costs while enhancing efficiency.


Specializing in industrial drone inspections and AI data analysis, SkyeBase is revolutionizing drone usage with AI.


Ventory offers innovative solutions in field inventory management, SaaS, analytics and insights, AI, and supply chain services.

The Campfire AI

The Campfire AI leverages AI to build virtual assistants that address and solve problems rather than creating new ones.

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Maiky is reshaping how a GRC program is operated using both automation and AI in its revolutionary SaaS solution.

Add Data

Finally, Add Data uses AI to bring creative and strategic decision-makers together on its customer data platform.

Each of these companies is shaking up their respective industries, demonstrating the power and potential of AI applications. Keep an eye on Belgium’s tech scene—it’s clearly one to watch.

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